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Electronika Bank

Intellect assists in providing security and protecting the fine reputation of the Electronika bank

The Electronika bank has set before itself the ambitious goal of creating the best network of branches and subsidiary offices. Systems based on AxxonSoft products assist in effectively providing the security of the constantly growing network


Ambitious objectives and an innovative approach

Electronika joint-stock bank was founded in 1990. Initially it serviced electronic industry. Today the bank’s operations have long ago outgrown its sectoral framework, and the bank is now pursuing a new strategy aimed first off at the development of retail business and the introduction of specialized services for small and medium-sized businesses. One of the strategic objectives of the bank is the creation of the best network, not only through regional expansion, but also through a completely new organization of the retail system, personnel training, staff moral and quality of services provided


The highest security is necessary during dynamic development

Beginning in 2006 and in accordance with a new development strategy, branch offices of the Electronika bank were opened across Russia. Starting in 2007 and leading up to this day, the bank has also opened subsidiary offices offering retail and corporate services. By 2010, it has planned to open 150 retail operational offices in cities with populations of more than 200,000 people as well as more than 50 corporate offices. Under such high growth indicators, reliable security is absolutely necessary, since the reliability of the bank is the foundation of its high reputation. The new space-efficient offices require less manpower. There is no technical staff that could handle issues with the security system on the spot. In connection with this, the bank has been required to find reliable solutions for its security system which at the same time might possess the functions corresponding to the corporate demands of the bank’s security system. The demands are as follows:

  • A uniformity of solutions which employ equipment and coherence of installation approaches, an achievement that would unify the equipment, follow a singular repair stock, and provide centralized technical support to regional offices
  • Security systems should be united with the system located in the central office or, as a minimum, should have such a possibility – a unified monitoring center will allow for 24-hour control over the situation in all locations, the storage and analysis of event logs, and the remote configuration and alteration of system parameters
  • Modern technology and equipment should be utilized. This is a standard demand of any self-respecting organization. Electronika is a dynamically growing company which is keeping pace with the times and fully using the last achievements of scientific and technological progress
  • The possibility should be available to develop system functionality: equipment should, without considerable investment and through the use of simple methodology, allow for the addition of new elements, as well as offer the possibility to upgrade both the hardware and software components of the system

Besides all of these above demands, the project to equip subsidiary offices should be also economically justified. Today, success can be achieved only by strictly economizing resources, clearly defining objectives, and maintaining control over their achievement. Under these conditions, the equipment and processes should be verified, worked out and accurate; in the alternate situation, the client will be required to either employ a lower quality system that does not meet his demands, or as time passes the system will have to be modified at all locations

Choice of Solution

Effective systems and a reliable partner

Unimax Co. has worked with Electronika JSB since 2005 and has presented itself as a reliable partner. Evgenii Tur, head of security of the bank, described the relationship as such: “We have worked with Unimax for three years. The solutions offered by this company distinguish themselves through their attention to detail, are verified from every point of view, and are implemented at the highest technical level. All of the systems installed early on in the headquarters of the bank are serviced by Unimax. This has allowed us to remain worry-free about their persistent performance.”

All of the relevant circumstances and demands concerning the equipment of subsidiary offices of the bank were analyzed by specialists from Unimax during the debriefing on reaching the security objectives. The successful experience of using the security systems based on the AxxonSoft Intellect platform in the bank’s headquarters in Moscow and in several branch offices in Russia has held great significance in the selection process of security systems. As a result, PC-based VIDEOMAX video servers produced by Unimax and powered by AxxonSoft software were chosen as the stationary equipment for the video surveillance system. The VIDEOMAX video servers have been used for three years in several branch offices of the Electronika bank and have garnered high praise from personnel. Over the entire period of operation, there wasn’t a single equipment malfunction

It also was important that the solution based on the AxxonSoft products gives the client the possibility of incorporating the local systems of all branch and subsidiary offices into a united, distributed security system with a monitoring center at the headquarters in Moscow. Moreover, the Intellect powered solution can be easily expanded and modernized, and the PC-based platform is convenient for servicing stationary equipment in the regions

Client worries concerned only the possibility of a situation arising where regional service contractors would not be able to maintain the video surveillance system because of a lack of knowledge of the core platform


An experienced partner in every region

Today, video surveillance systems powered by the Intellect platform have been equipped in more than 10 subsidiary offices of the bank. Operations tests have displayed the convenience and effectiveness of this particular solution. Client worries about the wider service community’s lack of knowledge about the product were unconfirmed, since the company AxxonSoft has a wide network of partners through the country. Companies were found in all regions that have sufficient skills to successfully operate and service the installed systems

The commercial director of UNIMAX Maksim Petrov stated, “during the realization of the project of equipping security systems in the bank’s subsidiary offices, we needed to find subcontractors who could implement the project at a sufficiently high technical level as well as those that possessed working knowledge of AxxonSoft products. The results even exceeded our expectations – in many regions, we had to choose from several companies who complied with the corporate standards of UNIMAX and the listed requirements


Reliability – the foundation of a high reputation

The introduced systems for video surveillance allow for effective control over everything that happens in the bank. Thanks to this, high levels of security and of quality of personnel work can be ensured. “Security and service quality are extremely important in the banking sphere. They are particularly important for a dynamically developing bank which has set ambitious objectives. Moreover, the client should be sure of the absolute reliability of the bank. We don’t doubt that along with other measures, the systems based on AxxonSoft products will help Electronika ensure the bank’s sound reputation thanks to their high level of security,” commented Aleksandr Unisov, the general director of the UNIMAX Co


A new level of quality work

The expansion of the Electronika bank into the regions is gaining speed every year. Vast experience has been accumulated through the quick launching and of subsidiary offices, and in particular, the quick deployment of all necessary engineering systems, including those related to security. All implemented measures have been verified, time necessary for resolving various questions has been kept to a minimum, a united strategy has been developed, cooperation between subcontractors has been secured, and channels of centralized supply of equipment have been established. All of this will allow the system to work effectively in the future and with a maximum return on investment. Moreover, the preparation of a technical base for a united monitoring center is being conducted in the headquarters of the bank. “AxxonSoft systems have presented us with the possibility of providing remote control over all our offices. We have high hopes for a centralized location for monitoring, since we believe that this will elevate the operations of the security system to a new level,” remarked the head of security Evgenii Tur


UNIMAX Ltd. was founded in 2004. The company began its operations with the production of the digital VIDEOMAX video servers. Today, UNIMAX offers a whole range of services: the production of equipment for VIDEOMAX video surveillance systems, project design, equipment supply, start-up, repair and maintenance of security systems

During the development of equipment solutions, all of the client’s demands are taken into consideration and studied while the company specialists employed their vast experience. At the same time, UNIMAX stands apart through its brave and unique solutions aimed at optimizing and perfecting its systems

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