Intellect-powered surveillance protects major Moscow business center


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Intellect-powered surveillance protects major Moscow business center

Intellect-powered surveillance protects major Moscow business center Berezka Business Center is a hub of activity in southwest Moscow. With its large size and modern facilities, the Berezka complex offers customers a wide range of high-quality products and services.


Berezka Business Center features a stylish interior, excellent service, and careful attention to utilities and comforts. This made it essential to devise solutions for effectively protecting Berezka with help from installer Unimax. The first step in setting up the security system was equipping the entire complex – including public spaces, employee zones, building perimeter, and neighboring areas – with high-tech protection equipment. Another key requirement was that the cameras visually "flow" with the look and feel of the building interior.


Axis video cameras and the Intellect PSIM from AxxonSoft were chosen for the project.

Advanced Axis IP cameras are available in a diverse lineup that allows picking the right hardware for the needs of a specific site. The key task of Intellect software at the site is to ensure reliable operation of the Axis IP cameras and support systems/data integration. Combining high-quality Axis IP cameras and the multifunctional Axxon Intellect platform allowed building a flexible, efficient system for protecting the business center.

Intellect-powered surveillance protects major Moscow business centerFor surveillance in elevators, hallways, and around information stands, compact Axis M30 cameras with resolution of 1 to 3 MP were chosen. A key advantage of these cameras is three-axis camera angle adjustment and support for Axis Corridor Format. This format is optimized for surveillance in narrow high spaces (such as hallways and stairwells) and maintaining maximum image dimensions in such conditions.

The site perimeter and neighboring areas are monitored by P1355-E fixed cameras and Q6045-E PTZ units. Together, these cameras ensure complete surveillance without any gaps or dead zones. In areas with limited or unsteady lighting, Axis T90A40 infrared illuminators were chosen for matching camera fields of view. For recognizing license plates on vehicles entering the underground parking area, Axis Q1604-E cameras and the Auto Intellect vertical solution were chosen. Auto Intellect recognizes 288 types of license plates containing numbers, Latin letters and/or Cyrillic letters. The recognition engine automatically sends the appropriate signals to the boom barrier, allowing authorized vehicles to enter. Over 80 cameras have been installed at the site to date.

In addition, an Intellect-powered monitoring hub has been set up to provide a central command point for efficient surveillance, constant monitoring, and quick reaction to potential incidents.


The solution has significantly contributed to operations at the business complex, providing a modern security system based on the multifunctional, highly reliable, and easy-to-manage Intellect platform from AxxonSoft.

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Unimax is an official Gold Partner of AxxonSoft, with years of experience in creating AxxonSoft-based video surveillance systems. In-house technical support for end users combined with a large number of existing installations allow Unimax to offer its clients the best AxxonSoft-based solutions available.

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