Intellect Lite powers new video surveillance system at popular Austrian retailer
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Intellect Lite powers new video surveillance system at popular Austrian retailer


SPAR is one of the world's most popular supermarket chains. Headquartered in Amsterdam, SPAR was founded in the Netherlands in 1932 as a grocers' cooperative. Today, the chain unites over 15,000 stores in 34 countries, primarily in Europe but with a presence extending to South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and other countries across the globe. The company's 1,586 Austrian stores employ 38,000 employees.


Retailers, and especially large chains with high visibility and traffic flows, are particularly sensitive to security issues. That is why SPAR Цsterreichische Warenhandels AG, which manages the chain's Austrian stores, took a very serious attitude when looking at development and deployment of a new CCTV system and selecting the software for it.

AxxonSoft has a reliable Austrian partner, AlbiControl, which is a distributor of security equipment. AlbiControl recommended that SPAR leadership pick Intellect Lite because of its status as the most multifunctional, reliable, and smart software for security systems today.

The developer had to propose a system for the store that would be easy to use and configure, yet powerful enough to work reliably and glitch-free.

As mentioned, the client opted for Intellect Lite, which is a simplified version of the Axxon Intellect PSIM stripped of additional features and modules. Why go for the "lesser" version? Intellect Lite completely met the client's needs, with lower purchase and support outlays than for the full version of Intellect Enterprise, its "big brother".

Based on Intellect Lite, the video surveillance system supports one video server, up to 64 cameras, and an unlimited number of remote operator workstations. The system is a fully functional version of Intellect with support for all core features: interactive site maps, event log, tools to create automatic scripts for reacting to events, support for all IP devices covered by Intellect integration, and more.


So which components were used in the Intellect Lite-based solution for surveillance at SPAR's Austrian locations?

A total of nine video cameras per server with Intel Core i5 CPUs were installed at the retailer's stores, along with ten video cameras per server with Intel Core i5 CPUs and 16 GB of on-board memory.

Storage is handled by a 60 GB SSD and a 2 TB hard disk (NAS) for storing previously recorded video. The system also makes use of Windows 7 and a GeForce 6400 video card.

The setup is perfect for effective live video monitoring as well as after-the-fact analysis and investigation. Security staff can easily find important video footage of past events, analyze recorded video with special video analytic tools, perform remote real-time video surveillance, and create automatic reaction scripts for handling alarm events.

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"Our client is delighted with the system: it's reliable, powerful, and a breeze to configure,"

– Christian Kastner, project manager at AlbiControl

Spar Osterreich Warenhandels AG plans to install similar systems powered by Intellect Lite at other SPAR supermarkets all over Austria. AxxonSoft and its partner AlbiControl are excited to contribute to the project and look forward to this next step.

About AlbiControl

AlbiControl was founded in Austria as a family business, undergoing remarkable growth to become a major vendor of security equipment and solutions from the best global manufacturers. Providing the best variety of products is always on the minds of AlbiControl staff, who carefully pick the best brands to create reliable, innovative solutions for end clients.

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