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AxxonSoft obtained a patent for its invention

AxxonSoft is constantly working to improve its products. This includes development of new technologies for quick and effective video archive analysis. Some of these technologies are awarded patents.

For example, in summer 2015 AxxonSoft received a US patent for its invention (Publication number US9092699) upon which Time Compressor by Axxon Next is based. Time Compressor is a tool intended for quick visual search in video archive. "The invention relates to methods for searching for objects in video data represented by a sequence of frames showing images of a scene received from a fixed video camera and is based on the display of synthetic frames to the operator, each of said synthetic frames being capable of combining objects captured in different source frames... The technical result consists in speeding the search and reducing memory size requirements and computational load."

Obtaining a patent means not only legal protection of AxxonSoft's inventions, but it equally shows that the world's most reputable Patent Office, regarded as an influential authority in the sector of IT technologies, has acknowledged AxxonSoft's technology as unique.

Time Compressor Patent