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BIT held a seminar on test results of video surveillance system over ATM machine network


According to totals of 2005 year number of “ATM-Intellect” installation excided 1000 video servers.The Banking Information Technologies – “BIT”, leading Axxon (former ITV) partner at the north-west region, carry on with active promotion of the “ATM-Intellect” solution in the field of bank security systems. At the 2005 year-end, number of “ATM-Intellect” installations excided 1000 video servers. November 2005, BIT has received positive references from the Provident Bank of Russia that has tested ATM machine network video surveillance solution based on “ATM-Intellect” for more than 18 months. BIT has organized the seminar on the results of that test.

Sergey Talikov, Head of the video surveillance department, has participated in the seminar “Equipping ATM terminals with the technical security means” initiated by Security Department of the Provident Bank of Russia . ATM video surveillance network developed on the base of “ATM-Intellect” product was presented in the course of the seminar. Participants had an opportunity to get familiar with the system principals, its key advantages and a number of technical characteristics. Presented solution was positioned as a perspective and reliable video surveillance system that aims to provide security at ATM network of the Provident Bank of Russia.

Seminar came up with the offer aimed at regional branches of the Provident Bank of Russia to consider issue on application video surveillance of the ATM machine network systems at their subdivisions in order to improve security level of the ATM networks. BIT was offered to do attestation of the software and create sample segment of video surveillance network application at Moscow branches of the Provident Bank of Russia.