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New version of "Axxon Enterprise" - hi-tech revolution in digital security systems


Axxon (former ITV) company announced a new version of "Axxon Enterprise" software system - "Axxon Enterprise 4.5". The newest update of MotionWavelet compression algorithm developed by Axxon (former ITV) specialists allowed to create a system featuring high reliability and performance when used as a digital platform at large-scale installations.

The main new features are an advanced scheme of video server's processing flows and implementation of the newest release of the MotionWavelet compression algorithm. The new organization scheme increases performance level by an order at network system operation:
- server's performance increased 2 times in network configuration
- network traffic decreased 3 times at transfers of video data to client workplaces
- client workplace's performance increased 4 times.

Other new features of Axxon Enterprise v.4.5:

  • support of WS6 boards with hardware compression (704x544)
    - guarranteed processing of video flow with board's processors
  • support of the newest WaveHub hardware video server (non-pc-based)
    - stable transfer of data via network, independence from computer platform
  • playback of video received from Axis network cameras on Pocket PC PDA
    - including Wi-Fi wireless data transfer technologies
  • updated face recognition module
  • new module of archiving mode monitoring
  • universal reporting module
    - search by event
    - templates of reports
    - single report on a number of various devices
    - complete report on every user and every device
  • new integrated devices:
    - FOCUS fire and intrusion protection module
    - Satel_CA64 fire and intrusion protection module
    - JVC PTZ-enabled cameras
  • added: sound support for Matrix-LH network video servers

Developer of the system says that the new version, Axxon Enterprise v.4.5, is a result of long-term researches in the field of digital security television systems. The recent version is the best release ever developed by the company. At present, a technological peak of system power is reached considering quality and performance indices. Further development of the platform implies expansion of the list of integrated devices and growth of vertical solutions.