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Axxon (former ITV) celebrated its birthday


Murat Altuev at the Axxon (former ITV) Birthday PartyAxxon (former ITV) celebrated its second birthday. The Birthday Party took place at “Kino” club on November 25 th, 2005 in Moscow .

Staff from the Moscow office and Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk , Kiev branches, partners and Axxon (former ITV) good friends came to the evening-long event. Representatives from the Saint-Petersburg, Kazan , Kemerovo , Novosibirsk , Ukraine and Byelorussia partner companies specially came to Moscow in order to congratulate Axxon (former ITV) with its birthday.

During two years of work, Axxon (former ITV) reached leading positions in the field of developing digital technologies in the security systems industry and gained a reputation of a stable and continuously growing company. The Axxon (former ITV) brand is well known throughout Russia and CIS, as well as in many foreign Axxon (former ITV) Company - the Birthday Party countries.

This past year was very productive for Axxon (former ITV), as new high-technological products were developed, Saint-Petersburg, Novosibirsk , Kiev branches were opened, and partner networks grew two times. Axxon (former ITV) took part in various exhibitions, forums and other events in Russia and Ukraine. Axxon (former ITV) sponsored many of those events.

Axxon (former ITV) products were presented at exhibitions in Europe and America and received prestigious awards in shows and contests. New partner's support program and “Axxon (former ITV) Voyage” were set into operation this past year, as well. Axxon (former ITV) started publishing its own magazine – Hi-Tech Security. All those achievements are the fruits of Axxon (former ITV) employees' labor and experience, and the qualification of its partners.

During the official part, representatives of partner companies addressed Axxon (former ITV) with warm emotions and wished good success in the business and further prosperity.

The party program included fiery dances, contests, comics and artists performances. Axxon (former ITV) staff and guests enjoyed the party and expressed their cheerful moods and happiness.