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67 schools and preschools have been equipped with video control systems and alarm buttons


PLANIR B and Pultovaya Okhrana companies deploy a centralized integrated monitoring system at schools and preschools of the Central Administrative District of Moscow.The system has already been implemented at 67 sites by now. It includes radio-based alarm messaging system and a video surveillance subsystem developed by the Axxon (former ITV) company.

Video surveillance is conducted by means of video cameras featuring 30-130 degree angle of view. The system enables both internal and outdoor types of installation of video cameras. Entrance doors, windows, gates and adjoining areas are under control of the professional systems. Video signals received from cameras are processed at a site's workplace equipped with alarm buttons and allowing to send alarm signals via radio channel. Video archives are stored at the workplaces and at a dedicated server located at a centralized monitoring station. The centralized monitoring station collects digital video data from all cameras.

There was implemented a number of remote workplaces at the central education department of the district. The workplaces allow to operate video surveillance and alarm messaging systems remotely -security service is able to get real-time video images at any moment. In case of emergency a watchman, or an administrator should press an alarm button sending alarm signals via radio link to the centralized monitoring station and remote workplaces. This allows to track all the site's alarm cameras at the video subsystem's workplaces located at the central education department and central monitoring station. Visual evaluation of a situation enables to make a correct decision for the purpose of critical incident response.

Security, school

Security, school