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New equipment integrated into the Axxon Enterprise security complex


New equipment integrated into the Axxon Enterprise security complex

Axxon (former ITV) place special emphasis on expansion the list of the integrated security equipment supported by its software and hardware security complexes.

Close cooperation of Axxon (former ITV) and Vidocon – Security Technologies Ltd. (Irkutsk, Russia) has lead to the integration of ACS-221 access control unit into the Axxon Enterprise security complex.

ACS-221 presented by Vidicon is intended for operation in access control systems and used at one check points for two-way access control, or two check points for one-way access control.

Controller may be programmed by means of external host PC connected via RS-232/RS-485 interface. All events are registered by unit in nonvolatile memory and can be viewed by host PC at any time.

ACS-221 access control unit can operate under Axxon Enterprise control or in autonomous operation mode. Controller switches to autonomous operation in case of failed connection with host computer or switching off the power, keeping all data on attempts of unauthorized access in its memory that can be viewed in event log.

ACS-221 is supplied with 4 relay outputs to control peripheral devices and may be connected with two readers (Wiegand (26 bit)). Address range is 1-63.

ACS-221 functional features:

  1. Maintenance of the employee database. Internal card base of the controller contains the following information:

    • Card number
    • Password
    • Doors with permitted access

      Card base is stored in nonvolatile memory of controller, contenting the information about 1638 records. In case if each card reader has time zones, number of records reduces two times (819).

  2. Access levels “Unlimited”, “Restricted” and others user levels.
  3. Time zones "Always", "Never", other user time zones.

Access modes of the ACS-221 controller:

  1. «One door». Controller manages access to a single door (entrance/exit).
  2. «Two doors». Controller manages access to 2 door separately.
  3. Gate». Ensures functioning of checkpoint consisting of two doors . Controller operates correctly in this mode only with exit buttons and does not work with cardreader.
  4. Zone control». Controller defines each separate zone for each door and track location of each object. Object should change zones one after another and cannot get access to the zone two times in a row. This operating mode allows to establish four zone statuses per a card:
    • Access to both doors permitted
    • Restricted access to Door 1
    • Restricted access to Door 2
    • Access to both doors restricted
  5. Blocking/Unblocking. Controller allows to set blocking or unblocking for each separate door. Blocking forbids access by cards or button. Setting the unblocking mode switches on lock relay of the corresponding door.

Specialists of Vidicon – Security Technologies Ltd. installed Axxon Enterprise security complex integrated with ACS-221 access control unit at Irkutsk SunHotel, AMIK Cash&Carry, 10 branches of the Provident Bank of Russia in Irkutsk region.