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BMW under solid security


Modern automobile showrooms contain exhibition halls with a great number of expensive cars, repair areas with valuable equipment and tools, office area with up-to-date appliances and important documents. The showrooms make high demands to security systems, which is especially actual when selling expensive automobiles. UNIMAX LLC. completed a set of works on implementation of Axxon (former ITV) security systems for AUTOPORT car showroom - official dealer of BMW in Moscow.

The AUTOPORT complex includes a two-storeyed demo hall (with a surface of 1.200 sq.m, service area with 11 lift units, body shop, treatment line and 3 stations of express services. Rated capacity of the service is 60 cars per day.

The implementation process included installation of video surveillance system, notification and sound alarm modules, remote control systems, and additional measures providing control over security actions. The center of the video surveillance system is VIDEOMAXi-24-8 digital video server based on Axxon Enterprise security system. The video server provides monitoring and control features over internal areas of the showroom – sales, office and repair areas; enables control over external territories. Total, the showroom is secured with 24 Panasonic cameras (13 colour and 11 mono).

Security of automobile showroom

Inter-M equipment is used for the purpose of alarm notification and sound transfer: ceiling, wall-mounted dynamics and horns. The equipment provides functions of fire alarm notification, background broadcasting of music and commercials.

Access control modules prevent accidental or purposeful intrusion of visitors to service areas of the showroom. They also allow to control staff's work. The system has an embedded timekeeping module, which inspires staffs labour discipline and efficiency. Lifting gate at parking entry prevents unauthorized passage. It can be controlled manually - either by security officer, or by drivers using smart cards.

Due to the implementation carried out professionally, quality of the system's operation and positive balance of trial operation, the system is acknowledged as a standard for installation at all newly opened automobile showrooms of the AUTOPORT company.

The implemented equipment was chosen in strict accordance with high demands claimed by BMW company to dealer outlets. The AUTOPORT showroom is an official dealer of BMW trademark and is greatly concerned about the security of its business.

Security of automobile showroom
Expensive cars require solid security!