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Development of the "Safe city" project: emergency points


The Planir-B company developed the next solution for the capital's streets - special-purpose emergency points allowing citizens to immediately connect municipal services: police, emergency service, first aid, fire brigade, etc. Technologies developed by the Axxon (former ITV) company enable instant transfer of video data to a monitoring center.

Emergency point is equipped with a device with call buttons enabling two-way voice communication. Data is transferred to monitoring center, where operators respond to received messages - for instance, call the police or first aid services. Operator is able to speak and track a situation around an emergency point simultaneously: area of emergency points is protected with "Speed Dome" hi-speed outdoor cameras manufactured by Panasonic. Operator's workplace is equipped with installed "Axxon Enterprise" software package. This enables operators to observe a speaking person, an emergency point and the current situation around the point.

Operator is able to zoom in an image, as well as to control and turn the camera remotely. Adjacent territory is under control, which allows a patrol-car to arrive at the location within 3 minutes in case of false alarm. All communication devices are equipped with reliable vandal-proof metal cases.

Besides citizens' security purposes the project implies a feature of informational services.
The emergency points are being installed at the Central Administrative District of Moscow. There are already functioning devices at the Pushkin square and Tsvetnoy boulevard. The number of emergency points is constantly increasing - they are to be installed at every key area of the city and at mass meetings of citizens.

The project's purpose is to increase safety level of citizens and provide Moscow with a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

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