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"Vesti" TV news program: "Axxon Enterprise" provides secret services with keen sight


Axxon (former ITV) company, in association with ARK group of companies, promote digital security technologies at the North-Caucasian region. Details of the implementation were covered by Russian "Vesti" TV news program.

Russian railway stations hurry after airports and increase quality level of security system. A unique security complex implemented in the sity of Rostov-on-Don enables recognition of wanted persons within a couple of seconds, even under trying condition of a dense passenger traffic.

Data sheets on tables and walls, thick photo albums with images - it always helped to find criminals, which has always been one of the main tasks of sentry duty. Now computer is entrusted with this responsibility at the railway station of Rostov-on-Don.

Cameras register every person entering the building. The software complex runs over thousands of face images, registered in databases as 'wanted'. "The system allows to pick out a person from the crowd and process his face. It picks out the face, compares and decides, whether databases contain information on the person", says Evgeniy Katkalo, expert in video surveillance systems.

Security, Railway station

Three seconds to decide. If the system displays a face at the bottom right corner of screen, the person is wanted. The invention of Russian scientists, the Axxon Enterprise software-hardware complex, immediately aroused interest of secret services. In the days of antiterrorism fight, the system able to recognize a person "on the lam" touched the spot. Besides, it is quite difficult to cheat the system. "The face recognition system implements biometry principles: distance between eyes, shape of skull — i.e., the parameters that do not change in the course of time", — says Nikolay Fedorov, representative of the developing company.

Security, Railway station

The railway station of Rostov-on-Don, the gates to North Caucasus, is the first station that implented the new system. Video surveillance cameras have been installed here long ago. Now authorities of the station hope their efficiency will increase many times. The video control complex is not the only technical novelty of the Rostov railway station. Usual means of examination, earlier used before air flights only, will appear at the station soon.

Before the year is out, the security system of the Rostov railway station will become as reliable and efficient, as systems implemented at airports. Metal detectors at entry points, obligatory X-raying of luggage enteroscopes. Plus - the Axxon Enterprise complex. Local police services place particular hopes in it - statistics figures show that most of wanted criminals are landed at railway stations.