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Security and Safety Technologies International Forum


Safety and Security Technologies International Forum The largest International Forum "Security and Safety Technologies" took place in Moscow on 7-10 February, 2006. Forum is the only security exhibition in Russia approved by US Department of Commerce. It comprises the biggest in the country specialized industry exhibition of technical means and services in the field of security and a unique business program: conferences, seminars, round table discussions on actual security issues in Russian Federation, as well as information projects and the program of promoting the Russian security technologies on foreign markets.

Axxon (former ITV) participated in this event and presented its achievements and technologies that attracted many visitors to the exposition. Among the products exhibited at the company booth were the following:

  • “Intellect” integrated security system;
  • “Face-Intellect” human face recognition;
  • “POS-Intellect” point-of-sales transaction video control;
  • “Auto-Intellect” intelligent transport system;
  • “SCADA-Intellect” automated control system;
  • Matrix digital video recorders ;
  • WaveHub hardware network video server;
  • “SmartVideoIP” economy class digital video surveillance system.

Special attention of the visitors was attracted by alpha-version of newest recognition modules developed for the intelligent transport systems. Those modules recognize moving vehicles and its characteristics such as direction of each vehicle, speed, position data, facts of stoppage and starting movement on the video image. That technology assigned for monitoring over conditions at roads and parking lots in order to help record and investigate road traffic accidents or violations of parking rules, registration of occupied places at the parking spots.

More than thousand professionals of the security industry who came from the different regions of Russia and CIS visited Axxon (former ITV) booth. Special emphasis was given to Axxon (former ITV) partners who received special presents from Axxon (former ITV).

The forum also hosted traditional contest “Best innovative solutions in the security field – 2006” . Inter-departmental contest commission highly evaluated “SmartVideoIP” digital video surveillance system by Axxon (former ITV) and awarded with the II degree medal of the Forum “Safety and Security Technologies”.

In the framework of the forum Axxon (former ITV) held seminar “Intellect – a universal platform for creation complex security systems” which gathered about 30 persons audience. Seminar attendees had a chance to familiarize themselves with the Intellect system and evaluate its performance capabilities.