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Axxon (former ITV) at UralInfocom Connect 2006 Expo


Axxon (former ITV) at UralInfocom Connect 2006 Expo

Axxon (former ITV) together with Ufanet, a long time Axxon (former ITV) partner, has participated in UralInfocom Connect XI Specialized Exhibition that took place in Ufa on the end of March. The main goal of the show was to provide visitors with the overview to up-to-date solutions in the field of information and communicational technologies. Axxon (former ITV) partners - Ufanet Ltd. and the Central Administrative board of Private Security Agency of the Republic Bashkortostan has participated in the event and presented Axxon (former ITV) advanced security technologies at their joint booth.

Exposition included the INTELLECT security system with an implemented on its platform SafeCity citywide video surveillance and security project and Face-Intellect face recognition module.

In order to demonstrate SafeCity project Ufanet specialists organized a remote operator workplace at their booth that monitor video footage transferred to the monitoring center from cameras installed at the city yards located far away from the exhibition center. Thus visitors of the exhibition, professionals of the industry, learned more about features, advantages and practical experience of the SafeCity project implementation, and Intellect networking features.

Video footage from the video server, with the Intellect software installed, was transferred via fiber-optical line and RadioEthernet channel provided by Ufanet.

In addition exposition included special-purpose emergency points allowing citizens to immediately connect municipal services: police, emergency service, first aid, fire brigade, etc.

During the first exhibition working day Ufanet booth was visited by Rafael Baidavletov, Prime Minister of the Republic of Bashkortostan, Pavel Kachkaev, Head of the city administration, and other city officials. They got familiar with the hardware and software citywide security complex and highly valued prospects of the SafeCity project implementation at Ufa, capital of the Republic of Bashkortostan. Representatives of the city officials have received detailed description about the project including economic calculations.

Ufanet Ltd. is convinced in successful outcome of the exhibition and effective co-operation with the Central Administrative board of Private Security Agency of the Republic Bashkortostan.