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Axxon (former ITV) Solutions for Building Automation


Axxon (former ITV) Solutions for Building Automation

Axxon (former ITV) has versatile and complex approach to the security systems field and offers its state-of-the-art digital video security systems for the most demanding applications at every field of human activity. Axxon (former ITV) technologies, certainly, could find application it building and exploitation of residential or industrial constructions. It can be a private house or government enterprise, apartments or city-scaled security complex.

Those topics were discussed at the “Building and constructions intellectualization and automation. Latest trends, experience, problems.” conference that took place on 21 April in Saint-Petersburg. Conference was endorsed by INTERSTROYEXPO-2006, International Construction Forum - the largest event in the North-Western region and the second largest construction event in Russia. Forum was organized with the assistance of SouzPetroStroy, Saint Petersburg constructing union, and Confident company.

Conference became a really important event that attracted leading specialists of the constructing field and related sectors, as well as specialized mass media. Theme of the conference was quite actual for today: Development of Intelligent Buildings in Saint Petersburg and Russia; Increased safety and comfort due to implementation Building automation systems and Intelligent Systems at the newly constructed objects.

Yakov Volkind, Director of the Northwestern Axxon (former ITV) branch, spoke about company experience and solutions; he also focused on digital technologies for complex security and control systems for the construction sector. In his speech with the examples of the completed projects he showed vital necessity of implementing following systems at the region:

  • Video surveillance over building entrances, adjacent territories, elevators;
  • Intrusion alarm and access control installed at technical facilities;
  • Fire alarm at general and technical facilities;
  • Emergency alarm in case of fault of life support systems (water or gas leakage, fail of electricity system);
  • Control over elevator equipment;
  • Points of emergency communication with law enforcement services;
  • Monitoring over recourses consumption parameters;
  • Control over engineering network executive devices.

One of important benefits of Axxon (former ITV) technologies is that they can provide not only solution of the separate task of sector, but it provides opportunity of creation complex centralized monitoring and control system. Implementing Axxon (former ITV) products for ensuring citywide security solution in Moscow could be a good example. “SafeCity Moscow” project was based on the joint experience and potential of several system integrators, installers and security and automation systems developers. In this aspect city of Saint Petersburg is only on the beginning of the way. Experience of implementing citywide security solutions in this region was shown on the example of Krasnoselskiy district of the city, where Axxon (former ITV) partners has started a sample security and life-support municipal project aimed to increase the security level of citizens.

All participants agreed that interest as well as technology tendencies in the building automation issues continue to grow constantly. Topics covered by the conference have provided insight into today’s burning issues of the theme and showed urgency and importance of implementing global citywide security solution in Saint Petersburg.