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Axxon (former ITV) at the annual Lintec-Community 2006 conference


Axxon (former ITV) at the annual Lintec-Community 2006 conference

The annual Lintec-Community 2006 conference named as Application of Modern Technologies for Creation of Security Systems within the Enterprise took place on 19 April in Saint Petersburg. This year conference was devoted to a problem of ensuring security of industrial objects, enterprises and commercial structures.

In today conditions of tough criminal situation in Russia questions of civil defence and security of industrial objects is becoming more and more significant. Organized unauthorized actions of the criminal groups, such as terrorists, saboteurs, criminals or extremists, have a special danger for industrial facilities. Results of their actions are unpredictable: it could be theft of the property or creation emergency situation at the objects (fire, destruction, flood, etc.).

Conference aimed to concentrate attention of the industry experts and senior level authorities on the questions of ensuring high level of security at the enterprises. Speakers (security experts working for various industrial enterprises) enlightened problems and aspects of task solution of the major theme and offered relevant ways of securing industrial premises by the examples of the existing security systems.

Alexander Kolesnikov, Candidate of Technical Science and Head of the Development and Marketing department of Lintec, enlightened question of creation complex automated security system – Integrated security system – as the most efficient measure for providing security at the objects in his report “Major principles and methods of creation integrated security system”. Today comprehensive line of integrated security systems has radically changed tactics of the object’s defence. Such systems do not require checkpoints at the guarded perimeter. Instead of it security groups are created that immediately react to any unsanctioned actions after getting alarm notice at the central control board. Effect of maintenance human factor is reduced to zero in such systems thus providing high efficiency of the object defence at the minimum quantity of the security staff engaged. Speaker is confident that creation of the efficient security systems at strategic objects demands complex and scientific approach to the problem – beginning from analysis of the object vulnerability to elaboration of the feasibility prediction of the integrated security system installation. This allows to choose the optimal design of the security complex based on cost-efficiency criteria.

Axxon (former ITV) at the annual Lintec-Community 2006 conference Jacov’s Volkind, Head of the Sales department of Axxon (former ITV) Northwest branch, report presented Axxon Enterprise integrated security complex. This universal distributed software and hardware complex features extensive integration and expansion opportunities. This software is a powerful tool for creation of the large-scaled multisupplier integrated and specialized systems. The system finds various applications for defence of various commercial or industrial objects and institutions, large or middle scaled business. This report contained samples of various applications of the company technology.

Conference was remarkable for the participation of Igor Kamensky, regional representative of American Power Conversion (APC). His report “Creation of the data processing center as a heard of information security of the enterprise” covered issues of new system approach to building up the physical infrastructure of medium data centers based on InfraStruXure architecture that allows investments to its resources as required. InfraStruXure architecture, which integrates power, cooling, management and services in a rack-optimized design, now offers IT professionals the ability to power their IT systems using fuel cell technology, an alternative to traditional extended-run options. The InfraStruXure with Integrated Fuel Cell solution offers hours of extended runtime for IT applications with high availability requirements. Small to medium data centers are ideal applications for the early-adopter phase of this system. It is best suited for environments that may have limitations due to building codes, emission requirements or physical constraints.

Oleg Kuzmin, one more representative of Lintec, came out with the report devoted to strategies of enterprise information security. He covered major aspects of security of the confidential information and how to prevent disclosure of the information that remains to be a trade secret. By the practical samples he showed typical mistakes that lead to information disclosure and suggested possible ways of such losses prevention. In addition, his report contained questions addressed to organization the multilevel defence of the automated system, and principles of creation information security systems on the basis of the internationally accepted standards.

Andrei Ilyin, Lintec representative, spoke on the issues of application access control systems while creation modern integrated management systems for ensuring labour security at government and commercial enterprises. By the real life samples he approved efficiency of application access control systems from the security and personnel management services point of view.

Conference gathered together representatives of such state institutions and huge enterprises of Saint-Petersburg as Talosto, EUROSIB, Administration of Saint-Petersburg, Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, Northwest Telecom – Saint-Petersburg branch and many others.