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Modern Restaurant Management Technologies Conference


Modern Restaurant Management Technologies Conference

Well-known restaurateurs, café’s and night club’s management have gathered together at the Shalyapin Palas Hotel in Kazan on 25th April. The cause of that meeting was The Modern Restaurant Management Technologies Conference organized by Logic Systems Co. Conference aimed to present its participants latest technologies and software for the efficient restaurant and foodservice management and control.

TillyPad, leading Russian integrator of the automation and management systems for restaurant and foodservice chains, and Axxon (former ITV), developer of digital technologies in the security systems field, were major partners of the Conference.

Anastasia Danilova, Head of the regional sales department of TillyPad direction of COMPLIT company, has presented participants capabilities and benefits of the TillyPad complex in building control and management systems for restaurants.

Eugene Kondratiev, Axxon (former ITV) analyst, has presented POS-Intellect, point-of-sales transactions video control system, that has proved itself as the most popular solution for restaurant industry, retail chain establishments and entertaining business. He talked about current trends in foodservice control systems for restaurants and demonstrated point-of-sales video control solutions developed by Axxon (former ITV) that can help avoid profit losses caused by employees and visitors fraudulent activity.

Special guest of the conference, senior consultant of SERVICEMAN company, Vladimir Usatov, dedicated his speech to the issues of training restaurant staff. During the coffee breaks all participants could share their ideas with each other as well as get familiar with TillyPad and Axxon (former ITV) software complexes presented on the specially installed stand.

Modern Restaurant Management Technologies conference attracted attention of more than 50 representatives of the popular and well-known restaurants of Kazan.

Logic Systems annually holds conferences dedicated to the development of the information technologies industry. However such conference was firstly devoted to the issues of restaurant management software. Appearance of IT-companies at restaurant sector was caused by expansion of the latest trends of restaurant and foodservice management solutions maintained by Logic Systems beginning from 2005. Thus this conference had a familiarization character for its participants. But now, having a positive outcome those relations will be maintained and promoted further.