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Kronwerk access control controller was integrated into Axxon Enterprise


Kronwerk access control controller was integrated into Axxon Enterprise

Team of Axxon (former ITV) programmers and technical specialists has completed integration of Kronwerk AT+ access control controller into Axxon Enterprise security complex. Thus, list of the integrated products with Axxon (former ITV) solutions was widen with one more line.

Kronwerk is a leading developer and supplier of access control equipment well known on Russian security market. Kronwerk controllers are being deployed in Russia, Latvia and Belarus.

By request of Axxon (former ITV) partners seeking to use Kronwerk access controller Axxon (former ITV) specialists got down to integration of that product into Axxon Enterprise security complex. Kronwerk company has provided Axxon (former ITV) specialists with all the necessary documentation and equipment.

Kronwerk AT+ controller is assigned for continuous round-the-clock operation within the structure of access control system. Controller supports two operation modes, stores information about current conditions of the connected peripheral devices and controls them according prearranged program.

Kronwerk AT+ controls access to facility, manage execution devices (electromechanical locks, turnstiles, turnpikes) and perform identification of the operation modes.

Kronwerk AT+ supports two operation modes. When working in network mode it is possible to link up to 16 access controllers connecting it via RS-485 (twisted pair, up to 1200m.) and connect to computer using RS485/RS232. After switching the power supply off controller safes preset configuration and operation modes.

Temporary operational parameters are transferred to Kronwerk AT+ via RS-485 trunk. Monitoring of the access controllers conditions and happened events is carried by deploying the same trunk.

Kronwerk AT+ board is supplied with two LEDs allowing initiating the controller and network conditions.

Controller inputs could be connected with following devices:

  • Blocking knobs (STOP) – up to 2 pcs.
  • Pass through sensor – up to 2 pcs.
  • Knobs for lock (turnpike) remote opening - up to 2 pcs
  • Executive devices condition sensor – up to 2 pcs.

Controller outputs can be connected with additional events and operation modes indicators.

Kronwerk AT + controller perform following functions :

  • Control 2 relay inputs and 8 “open collector” type outputs
  • Control over executive devices
  • Perform indication of the operation modes
  • Receives codes from the access cards from one or two card readers
  • Control conditions of 5 inputs thus enabling access control and remote control.

Currently integrated equipment is completely tested and ready for operation within the Axxon Enterprise complex. Kronwerk AT+ controller will be included to the 4.7.2. release of INTELECT complex.