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Scalable Video Surveillance Systems


Scalable Video Surveillance Systems

TIM, a long term Axxon (former ITV) partner and security system integrator, has held seminar devoted to scalable video surveillance systems that took place in Saint-Petersburg.

This topic gathered senior level officials of IT and security departments of giant manufacturing enterprises, retail chains, automobile salons, financial institutions, companies that provide transportation services(RosMorPort, Metropolitan of Saint Petersburg), hotels and restaurants, world-famed museums (Hermitage and Russian Museum). In addition, seminar attracted representatives of huge system integrators of central and northwestern regions engaged in IP video surveillance field.

Eugene Kondratiev, Axxon (former ITV) expert and analyst, has presented INTELLECT software and hardware complex - best innovative product. He spoke about system applications for creation modern integrated security systems. He gave general overview of Axxon (former ITV), developer of INTELLECT complex, a vendor whose major task is to provide its partners with a core of intellectual technology, and described the entire range of Axxon (former ITV) products for various applications with special stress to benefits of INTELLECT platform.

In his report he talked about distributed architecture of INTELLECT platform that enables integration with nearly any existing equipment and a wide range of information processing and transferring devices. Eugene enlightened in details system structure, features and key benefits of the complex, special purposed products created on the INTELLECT basis and its boundless integration opportunities. He also gave a short survey of completed projects and publications devoted to installations of the scalable security systems with application of Axxon (former ITV) products.

Participants who had previous experience of work with INTELLECT complex were pleased with recently added intelligent detectors and modules that provided integration of complex with various security and automated control systems. It couldn't go without additional questions about Intellect characteristics, other Axxon (former ITV) solutions – Auto-Intellect and SmartVideo and "SafeCity – Moscow" project. Eugene has reported about first steps of the same project realized in Saint Petersburg .

Intel representative, Nikolay Zaozerskiy, came out with the report which covered problems of the modern server technologies. Michail Vakulenko from NEC Display Solutions spoke about application of NEC monitors in security field for displaying CCTV information and ergonomics of operator working place. Andrew Egorov, TIM specialist, covered issues of increased reliability of video servers and systems storing huge volumes of video. Speakers talked about solutions and technologies that form a core of modern digital security systems, improved capability of video archives and principles of open architecture.

Organizers of the seminar have carried out presentation of Matrix network video servers and PetaStor Alnico AL-6160FA external scalable data storage system which used all solutions presented during the seminar including Axxon (former ITV). That presentation allowed to show key distinctive characteristics of those solutions such as fault tolerance, scalability, open architecture and flexibility.