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Safe City project launched in Saint Petersburg


Safe City project launched in Saint Petersburg

In the early beginning of summer 2006 pilot project of Safe City global metropolitan security and life-support project has started in Saint Petersburg . Safe City is a municipal project aimed to increase the security level of citizens.

Realization of this project was possible due to activity of companies entering Safe City Association together with Axxon (former ITV). Such undertakings took place several times previously, but those activities were limited with simple installation of cameras or home intercom systems. 79 by Leninskiy prospect was the first buildings equipped with up-to-date technologies providing complete building control. Installed system joins together video surveillance, central heating system, water and electricity consumption control system, elevators, lighting system, flood, fire and intrusion detectors.

This unique and prospective project has attracted close attention of state and municipal authorities. Saint Petersburg municipal authorities has decided to discuss housing resources control and advanced building management solutions on the existing example. To do that, members of housing and communal committee gathered together at the event devoted to completion of trial project aimed to bring security to Krasnoselskiy district of Saint Petersburg.

All visitors, majority of which are heads of district municipal agencies, directors and heads of housing committees, supported further implementation of such projects in the city. U. Lukmanov, Chairman of St. Petersburg Housing committee, has noted that system unites latest domestic technologies and has every prospect for success and further development.

"For the first time in 15 years period project will be realized that will help prevent losses, accidents and other unwanted situations. This is more than just surveillance systems like those installed across Kalininskiy, Central and Admiralteiskiy districts," – Oleg Vihtuk, Head of Municipal Union of St. Petersburg and Chairman of Safe City Association, said.

Even now, when project is only at the beginning stage, its benefits are evident. Yakov Volkind, Director of Axxon (former ITV) Northwestern branch, has especially noted following advantages: long-term scalability that allows to add more equipment in future, creation of more monitoring centers (for municipal and empowered city services) without changing the core of the complex, easy installation and exploitation of the system.

One of the key aims of the project is to minimize both human and financial resources assigned to manage housing resources and provide enhanced security of Saint-Petersburg residents. It becomes possible due to application of up-to-date technologies designed to atomize data collection, processing, transferring and analysis. "Citywide monitoring and security complex aims to minimize municipal expenses spent to breakdown elimination, prevention of losses caused by thefts and vandalism, as well as to safe citizen's money they pay for not demanded services," – said M. Gubanev, Director of DomASK company.

System enables remote monitoring and control over engineering building systems and quality of municipal services, management over technological processes. Recently started project has clearly shown that application of hi-tech technologies for human service sector in Russia is real. Such solutions give our citizens an opportunity to economize on expenses for energy and heating and to get improved level of security.

Success of the project and high evaluation of independent experts were determined by joint co-operation of Axxon (former ITV), DomASK, Planir B and Ravelin companies. Core of the system is built on the technologies jointly created by Axxon (former ITV) and Planir B that enable further system expansion of the system functionality. In addition, project was supported by Saint Petersburg Residential board, Administration of Krasnoselskiy district and Safe City Association.