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Axxon Enterprise(TM) wins EFFIE / THE BEST BRAND 2006 Award


Axxon Enterprise(TM) wins EFFIE / THE BEST BRAND 2006 Award

Axxon Enterprise integrated security system form Axxon (former ITV) got bronze award in Hi-tech products and services category at a prestigious EFFIE / THE BEST BRAND 2006 contest. Silver awards had been won by MTS and INFON.

EFFIE / THE BEST BRAND is a national annual award for the most successful project in brand development. Efficiency is the main criteria for evaluating marketing communications and advertisement. Efficiency means sussessful interaction with the target audience. All available marketing tools have to be successfully applied to win the award - planning and market analysis, mass media collaboration, creative and supporting management. Getting EFFIE Axxon (former ITV) proved the main corporate device - to be true customer-oriented. The market approach of the company is to find each partner's individual need and cover it with adequate offering.

The Axxon (former ITV) EFFIE-winner product is Axxon Enterprise(TM) system - and integrated security complex with distributed architecture. One of the main features of the system is its unique level of both flexibility and scalability perfectly matching any particular client specific. Most of the time, Axxon (former ITV) solutions are sweet spots coming out exactly when needed. Creative partnership being based on both brilliant ideas and perfect management form a decent brand as a result.

A lot of goods and services pretended to award EFFIE this year. 33 categories including household equipment, elite goods and services, transit services, insurance and medical programs; projects and organizations normally pretend, too, such as retail chains, stores and malls, regional projects, etc. This year Grand Prix has been granted to Aeroflot - Russian Airlines for image change, to Megafon - for reputation and trust, and to Malina family loyalty card scheme for being the most successful newcomer. In past few years, HI-TECH PRODUCTS AND SERVICES nomination prize winners were HP, Genius, Samsung, Bee Line GSM, MTU-Inform, iRU, Rover Computers.

"Huge growth of participants number from year to year is marked for the most respectable national competition in brand building. The higher the professionalism the harder to win. And the more ponderable is the victory. To win a nomination is a mark of a very high level, a mark of a real breakthrough", – notes Yuri Rovenski, CEO of RBK group.

"Russian BEST BRAND Award is included into an international EFFIE network being the world most influental award in marketing communications. 30 countries participate in the program of global benchmarking for effective marketing and advertising. EFFIE / THE BEST BRAND is the only contest in Russia certified by American Marketing Association. And the victory brings international recognition to a brand", – says Yelena Biryukova, the Chairman of EFFIE / THE BEST BRAND Jury.

Being awarded with EFFIE / THE BEST BRAND 2006, Axxon (former ITV) got a nice and deserved sign of acknowledgement on global level.