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SmartVideo IP 1.3 supports any type of web-cameras


AxxonSoft announced today new version of SmartVideo IP small office/home office security solution that now supports any type of web-cameras presented on today's world market.

New 1.3 version sufficiently enlarge circle of potential customers willing to buy SoHo type systems, thus further strengthening AxxonSoft leading positions at security software segment and at end-user mass market.

Earlier SmartVideo IP software operation lied in receiving and processing signals from IP cameras. Latest version enabled our users linking the USB web-cameras. Price policy for web-cameras is more loyal and variety of its models assumes really mass use of SmartVideo IP software by end-consumers.

SmartVideo functionality exceeds functions offered by majority of firmware solutions presented on today's market that are usually limited with single surveillance camera support, video archive and frame transmission via ftp or http networks:

  • Connection of up to 4 web or ip-cameras
  • Motion detector
  • Unlimited loopback video archive
  • Reviewing video via GSM phone or Pocket PC
  • Remote video surveillance via any web browser
  • Remote video surveillance using client software
  • Storage of image in majority of widespread formats
  • Video archive playback using any kind of codec installed on user PC.

Besides, SmartVideo IP allows user to enlarge functionality of his or her ip-camera thereby broadening manufacturer software capabilities. System employs JPEG, MPEG4 or MPEG2 video compression formats, and when transferring data to mobile devices video stream is fitted to screen dimensions optimizing traffic volume.

SmartVideo IP supports various web and ip-cameras types and models at the same time. All video streams are separated in the system not to cause conflict between employed devises and giving the opportunity to code various types of signals.

List of web-cameras supported by SmartVideo IP 1.3 software is extensive. Generally such cameras are represented with separate USB devices. Cable length for connection camera to computer vary from 1 to 10 meters , standard amplifiers can be used. 1.3 version opens up new opportunities to users of notebook supplied with web-cameras. They now can use SmartVideo IP as a simple but still efficient protection instrument against the unauthorized access.

Alike SmartVideo, its IP version is used for accomplishing video surveillance needs at minor and middle scaled objects and for home users carrying about their safety and security. SmartVideo IP allows remote control of the current situation and remote access to video archive.

AxxonSoft consecutively realizes its strategic policy of developing products ensuring creation of universal security infrastructure supporting equipment produced by various manufacturers.

SmartVideo IP 1.3 version is available since June 22.