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Axxon Enterprise in INTEL CPU based video servers testing


Axxon Enterprise in INTEL CPU based video servers testing

The Axxon Enterprise integrated security complex has been applied for comparative testing of several Intel-based video servers from TIM Company having recent and less recent micro-architecture.

During St. Petersburg press conference of Sophia Lee Fang Chew, Vice President of Intel corporation, TIM Company conducted a comparative testing of its two video servers based on Intel CPUs and motherboards. For the testing, the Axxon Enterprise integrated security complex was installed on both servers. The components installed were FS6B video capture boards, and the Axxon Enterprise v.4.7.3. software.

The test bench contained:

  • An actually produced opTIMa series server based on Intel® D945GNT motherboard and Pentium® 4HT 3,0 GHz Intel® CPU of older architecture;
  • A newly introduced system based on Intel® DQ965GF motherboard and Core™ 2 Duo E6300 1,86 GHz Intel® CPU of newer Intel® Core™ micro-architecture.

The parameters to compare were overall productivity and power consumption. The video signal from the same source (a color TV camera) was routed to capture cards inputs. Both servers were performing 4 channels color and 4 channels b/w CIF video translation. All videos were displayed on the system monitors; all measurements were conducted on motion detection and contrast/outline modes activation.

The general testing result is positive towards the newer system. The Intel® Core™ based server showed half CPU load and 45% decrease in power consumption in comparison with the older one. (Detailed test results chart can be found on TIM corporate website (ftm, in Russian only): )

TIM Company is a close Axxon (former ITV) partner specializing on complex security systems solutions, such as video servers, data storage systems, network components and workstations. Particularly, in North Western region of Russia TIM Company performs assembling and testing of Matrix high productive video servers within the Axxon (former ITV) partnership program. TIM Company is a long time Intel components installer having the highest corporative partner rank – Intel® Channel Partner Premier Member.

A clear proof of step ahead in computer technology carried out by TIM Company ensures Axxon (former ITV) specialists in bright future of newest solutions for security industry.