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FrameMerge – seeing but not watching


FrameMerge – seeing but not watching

FrameMerge – an innovative image panning technology by Axxon (former ITV) – will be introduced to the security professionals and customers community during "Spassib-Sibbezopasnost- 2006" exhibition in Novosibirsk.

Building new technology Axxon (former ITV) company breaks traditional video surveillance limitations.

FrameMerge is an instrument of seamless merging digital video sequences from different cameras into a single panoramic view to be displayed on a control monitor.

Using FrameMerge to merge different cameras images the whole scene visualization becomes possible. No more scene fragmenting or mosaic viewing, just a high quality widescreen image on the operator's monitor.

Now you can observe the guarded object as one entity. FrameMerge is especially useful for critical perimeter sectors monitoring. Pan vision better matches human eyevision properties than several different screens at once. Natural and realistic scene picture results in a more adequate chain of decisions taken by the security complex operator thus giving new level of efficiency to all of the security measures.

The image merging procedure itself resembles an ordinary bitmap editor function a lot. The difference is that FrameMerge works with video sequences delivered from various CCTV cameras.

To create a merged pan, two neighboring cameras' video windows should be opened in a program main window. Then using various tools for moving, rotating and cropping you "stitch" two views into one. Repeating the procedure for each new camera added you enlarge the pan view into a whole scene widescreen representation.

Using FrameMerge the speed of archive viewing, processing and analyzing increases dramatically. You don't need to spend a lot of time viewing each single camera's footage, and having all scene onscreen at the same time you perform a lot more efficient deductive analysis, therefore much more efficient security decisions are taken in each troubleshooting case.

Now, alarm detection and response become a lot faster and logical. And obviously, saving operators' time panning technology gives more information of the scene during both realtime and archive monitoring.

The first commercial product to embed FrameMerge technology has to be the newest Axxon Professional professional video surveillance system from Axxon (former ITV). The system release is scheduled to 4th quarter 2006.