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Finding Without Searching with MomentQuest context video search engine


Finding Without Searching with MomentQuest context video search engine

An innovative MomentQuest technology will be introduced at the "Sibbezopasnost-Spassib-2006" exhibition in Novosibirsk, Russia. A true digital archive search and retrieval technique has been developed by Axxon (former ITV) company.

The core of the MomentQuest technology is a brand new algorithm using quite a modern content-based approach to event filtering. Instead of conventional date/time search, event type search can be performed, i.e. scene motion direction or other parameters. Analyzing motion detection data MomentQuest retrieves similar sequences automatically thus optimizing time and labor expense for search, processing and analysis operations.

Needed footage retrieval actions were critical for security industry until now. A lot of human and hardware resource along with time and electrical power were being spent inefficiently.

This has become a key motivation for Axxon (former ITV) company to develop a convenient, fast and effective search algorithm for large and varied in content video archives. The MomentQuest intellectual video search engine gives additional value to video surveillance and offline analysis reducing at the same time security systems human factor dependency.

Numerous psychological research results prove that operators performing visual video archive scrolling lose their attention focus after 20 minutes of intensive operation. Up to 90-95% of needed footage can be skipped because of this. MomentQuest can kill this practice retrieving all the needed footage. The first product to integrate MomentQuest context video search engine has to be the Axxon Professional intelligent video surveillance system.