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Axxon (former ITV) has been awarded two gold medals at the Spassib-Sibbezopasnost 2006


Axxon (former ITV) has been awarded two gold medals at the Spassib-Sibbezopasnost 2006

September, 14th, Novosibirsk. A large and prestigious Spassib-Sibbezopasnost 2006 annual security industry show just finished its work – first in a chain of autumn exhibitions. Axxon (former ITV) proved its national leadership been awarded with 2 gold medals at once.

The awards are well deserved by recent product development programs been held by Axxon (former ITV). MomentQuest context video search technology and Axxon Professional intelligent video surveillance system got highest marks from the top competent jury. Two gold medals are the result.

The awarded MomentQuest technology provides large video archive keepers with an ability of context search using an original intellectual software motion detector. It is a means to fasten, simplify and optimize the most critical procedures of image search, retrieval and processing. A principal step ahead of MomentQuest is introducing context video search engine based on scene motion parameters rather than conventional date/time retrieval.

The first product to incorporate the MomentQuest context video search engine is just another gold medal winner – Axxon Professional intelligent video surveillance system. A set of innovative decisions grouped together within Axxon Professional product solution opens the newest trends in world security industry for Axxon (former ITV) clients nationwide.

Another newly developed Axxon (former ITV) product exhibited in Novosibirsk was Traffic-Monitor surveillance system intended for automatic vehicles recognition and traffic monitoring.

During Spassib-Sibbezopasnost 2006 show, the Axxon (former ITV) company booth was quite popular among railway companies, customs and law enforcement representatives. There worked a pool of Axxon (former ITV) partner companies specialists, such as Feorana and Harding from Kemerovo, GriAl and SpetsSignalizatsiya from Novosibirsk, consulting existing and potential clients on Axxon (former ITV) products and technologies, and presenting authentic security solutions based on Axxon (former ITV) stuff. Separate Axxon (former ITV) partner companies stands were held by "Aurora" and "Bezopasnost Project" firms. Axxon Enterprise video surveillance system was presented by Technical Center of Fire Safety along with several original firefighting systems solutions.

Being the general sponsor of the show Axxon (former ITV) awarded the cup of honor to Sever production group for developing the Polyana alarm management system. Sergey Slezko, the head of regional Axxon (former ITV) branch, stated that Polyana is definitely the best Russian alarm system being in production at the moment.

As GMT research company discovered in "Russian Security Media & Exhibitions Brand Awareness 2006" study ordered by Grotek publishing house, the Spassib-Sibbezopasnost is undoubtedly the leading regional exhibition in Russian security industry.

Siberia is a region of top interest, truly. Not only because of its large and evergrowing security products market; a lot of home companies here have great knowledge and production experience which can potentially lead to technological breakthroughs. A perfect example of Siberian potential is a new product of Sever production group (Novosibirsk) – Polyana alarm management system based on seismo-acoustical maskable sensors.

The system is intended for access control applications to detect burglars on approaching or crossing the perimeter. The event data generated by the system includes event type and localization, target trajectory; pre-event recognition is possible. Polyana sufficiently reduces human factor influence on alarm management, personnel actions and system control, video archives management and snatch squad targeting. No working analogs of this system exist in Russia and CIS countries.

The Spassib-Sibbezopasnost 2006 security industry show has become successful and promising for Axxon (former ITV). The company image got even higher due to both new technologies presentation and customer-oriented solutions parade. Security industry shows must go on – a nice start of Axxon (former ITV) will undoubtedly have even nicer continuation.