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SafeCity™ evokes interest among regional GUVD and MVD authorities


SafeCity™ evokes interest among regional GUVD and MVD authorities

Deputy heads of regional Main Internal Affairs Directorates (GUVD) and deputy Ministers of Internal Affairs of subjects of the Russian Federation inspected the SafeCity™ system control centre in Basmanny district of Moscow city.

The SafeCity™ system in Moscow is a district-based all-city integrated security system. Many districts have already started the system operation including nine units in the Central Administrative District of Moscow City.

First, the regional representatives have visited the Duty Unit of Moscow city GUVD. Getting into the unit operation it was found out that the primary alarm events information sources are concentrated in Local Monitoring Centers (LCM) on the district level. Second point of interest was chosen to be the Basmanny district LCM (SafeCity™ system control centre, in other terms). Here, the audio monitoring and video surveillance are carried out using the whole district set of cameras and emergency phones.

Due to high grade of national concern in crime prevention and crime fighting means, heads of regional duty units paid vivid interest towards the SafeCity™ integrated security system. The most asked questions were how effective the system is in crime prevention and detection, and how much is the system cost to install.

Sergey Lyskov, head of Service Dept. of Planir holding company being the system authorized installer, told the audience the story of the project and details of collaboration with MVD within its frames. In 2005, Yury Luzhkov signed a Moscow government order to alter the system for matching MVD requirements. One of important steps in this direction is installing indoor CCTV cameras at all buildings entrances in addition to existing outdoor surveillance means (for events recording and persons recognition). The 24/7 surveillance is already being performed by the system covering streets, squares, underground passages, yards, market places, etc.

Planir holding Co. specialists showed SafeCity™ system technical abilities to the guests using the existing cameras installation in front of the Kursky railway station. The PTZ dome cameras obtained clear crisp images of human faces and car license plates being installed quite far from the object. Several infringement evidence recordings had been demonstrated along with emergency notification operator's dialogs with the callers. All the data were actual at the moment of occurrence, and had been transferred to the GUVD Duty Unit immediately.

The deputy chief of Moscow City GUVD Staff colonel Chumachenko stated positive dynamics in crime detection recently. By his opinion, the SafeCity™ inquires in this along with its important role in crime prevention. "Just the presence of working CCTV cameras", - says Alexander Chumachenko, - "disciplines people putting the grip onto crime increase".

Regional GUVD representatives visited the SafeCity™ system operators' workplaces to see the location online monitoring in process.

At the present moment, the SafeCity™ system provides video surveillance, technical security and CAO distributed municipal service facilities control. The integrative base for all the subsystems operation is the Axxon Enterprise™ intelligent security platform from Axxon (former ITV).