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SafeCity as a sphere of interest: Vlado Danmjanovski in Moscow


SafeCity as a sphere of interest: Vlado Danmjanovski in Moscow

On Monday, October 16th Vlado Damjanovski, the world leading expert in CCTV, had visited the SafeCity™ system Local Monitoring Centre (LMC) of Basmanny district. Technically, the LMC is the best if its kind.

Journalists representing printed and electronic media resources came to see the monitoring centre and to get in contact with Vlado Damjanovski – "Mir I Bezopasnost", "Connect", "CCTVFocus", "CNews", "Hi-Tech Security" and others. Victor Muravyov, Vice president of Planir Holding Co. – the SafeCity™ system deploying company – informed the audience on system construction and operation principles, scales and features. Then he answered to numerous questions of journalists and Damjanovski himself.

Operator's workplaces were shown to the guests. Vlado Damjanovski noted that there are exclusively women employed as LMC operators. It appeared that this job is rather not for men due to very high demand for personal concentration. Every aspect of the SafeCity™ system was a point of interest for journalists; some did not expect such power from a security system produced in Russia.

SafeCity™ covers several districts of Moscow city – particularly, 9 districts of Central administrative district. The system is applied for day and night video surveillance of streets and squares, courtyards and entrances, schools and kindergartens, and also for communal services technical security and control: resources consumption tracking, access control, various equipment monitoring including elevators, etc. Axxon Enterprise™ integrated security system has become a platform to integrate al subsystems into a unified SafeCity™ solution. Virtually unlimited number of CCTV cameras along with other equipment can be distributed across any area using this platform.

Ian Yafayev, Chief technical officer of SafeCity Trading Co., presented the project from technical point of view. Jacob Volkind, CEO of North-Western branch of Axxon (former ITV), shared experience of project deployment in Saint-Petersburg and several other cities in Russia.

Vlado Damjanovski the CCTV expert noted that, as he is informed, there are no systems in operation anywhere in the world capable of measuring as many parameters as SafeCity™ does. Video surveillance and communal services data monitoring combination was the most impressive for the guest. "I have seen only photos of the system before but never realized how much things stand behind this system", - showed his surprise Damjanovski. The expert highlighted excellent video image quality of the system along with simple and effective operators workplace layout and surveillance technology.

An appearance on air at RBK-TV was a scheduled event for Vlado Damjanovski's Moscow trip. A popular "Spheres of Interest" show had been devoted to security systems and efficiency of their applications; the most important and actual approach was claimed to be the development of integrated systems such as SafeCity™. Based on both experience gained during the system deployment in Moscow and Saint Petersburg and recent world security market trends, financial and profitability aspects of integrated systems had been discussed. The main idea of the show was formulated like this: "SafeCity™ brings profits not only to citizens, authorities, law enforcement structures and communal operators but also to investors. Not only financial dividends are being received but also moral and ethical."

As a result of getting in touch with the SafeCity™ system, Vlado Damjanovski was deeply impressed with current state of Russian security industry being on a very high level.