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Big Brother in doorways of Moscow


Big Brother in doorways of Moscow

It was promised by SafeCity™ project participants to provide each entrance and doorway of Moscow with a CCTV camera until the end of next year. The promise seems to come true in time: another district-level technical monitoring and control center had been officially introduced within the frame of this ambitious and highly welcome project yesterday.

Carrying out the Moscow government new public security policy towards technical means of providing safety, the monitoring and control center of Baumansky district has become a node of the distributed security systems network covering the entire city of Moscow . The platform chosen for building the first of district nodes appeared to be the Axxon Enterprise™ integrated security system from Axxon (former ITV), Ltd. The system is based on extensive video surveillance coverage of guarded locations – in this particular case, of the city infrastructure. The integrated solution includes vandal proof cameras, safety communication terminals in high circulation areas, local security subsystems deployed in schools and kindergartens, water and energy carriers counters monitoring and emergency systems control.

Primary video and event data are routed to the Main control panel of the dispatcher service unit to be stored in the archive; on crime or emergency detection the real time data are automatically passed to Main Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow. Archive storage time is set to one month. The integration of the system has been performed by Planir Holding Co. being also a co-developer of the project. As said Victor Muravyov, vice president of Planir, since a similar system has been introduced in Tverskoy district, burglary rate there dropped 20% lower than in other districts.

The SafeCity™ program has already been deployed in 9 districts of the Central administrative district of Moscow City. The premiere deployment took place in Tverskoy district in 2002 where 1012 CCTV cameras had been installed. As Mr. Muravyov informed, each doorway in Moscow will be equipped with a CCTV camera by the end of 2007; now the total figure exceeds 48,000. Central Administrative region is the most covered having over 7,500 cameras installed. Since 2004, several video surveillance sets are installed in high circulation areas having been 230 in total at present.