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Damjanovski approves Axxon Professional


Damjanovski approves Axxon Professional

As reported earlier, Vlado Damjanovski, the world leading expert in video surveillance and CCTV presented 2nd Russian edition of his classical book "CCTV: Networking and Digital Technology" on Axxon (former ITV) booth at INTERPOLITEX 2006 International exhibition. After the presentaion, Mr.Damjanovski showed his interest towards Axxon (former ITV) company products. He paid special attention to newly introduced Axxon Professional smart surveillance system.

Axxon Professional is based upon DataSynchro technology - an innovative file system establishing optimal video storage and fast image search and retrieval due to newly introduced method of archives indexing in database format. This solution is intended to save system resources, to provide ultra fast search, and to minimize archive initialization time on system startup. DataSynchro not only gives its users some advanced options but also optimizes the entire system operation.

Vlado Damjanovski has become one of the first persons to perform field test of the new technology incorporating FrameMerge panoramic image merging system, MomentQuest context video search engine as well as video sensing algorithms such as motion and direction detectors, face detector, left items detector, etc. The Expert marked context video search engine for its urgency, and also evaluated video sensors operation and software interface design.

Vlado Damjanovski considers intelligent video sensing algorithms to be urgently needed for security industry. By deploying such systems, customers increase security services cost efficiency filtering only the information worth focusing operstors' attention on.

Axxon Professional belongs to newest generation of video surveillance systems being pure digital in signal processing and data storage. For instance, the most advanced MotionWavelet compression algorithm is used for video streaming in Axxon Professional system.

Axxon Professional also includes the following components:

  • PTZTracer automatic moving objects tracking module,
  • SmartView remote viewing module for PC, PDA and GSM phones,
  • POS control module.

System supports IP-devices produced by majority of popular manufactures.

Axxon Professional supplies is due to start in the 4th quarter of 2006.