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SafeCity(TM): proven in the Central Administrative District of Moscow City


SafeCity(TM): proven in the Central Administrative District of Moscow City

An exhibition presentatively called "CAD: A Territory of Growth - From Concept to Embodiment" took place in Central House of Artists of Moscow from 2nd to 5th of November being devoted to 15th anniversary of the Central Administrative District of Moscow City (CAD).

One of the largest booths was at the same time undoubtedly the most attractive – the SafeCity(TM) public safety system being deployed in CAD by Planir Holding company. A large distributed surveillance and monitoring network to observe mass circulation areas, infrastructural elements of critical importance and communal facilities has been based on Axxon Enterprise(TM) platform developed by Axxon (former ITV) company. The system is designed to perform highly integrated tasks to support safe and stable living environment in districts that CAD consists of. The main tasks are keeping legal order on streets and squares, blocks and entrances, and energy carriers consumption monitoring to prevent overspending, leaks and emergencies.

Video surveillance, alarm notification and communal network monitoring systems were presented at the SafeCity(TM) booth. The visitors could observe realtime video of streets and squares of CAD on a large LCD screen. Entrance cameras were programmed to get display priority on detecting any kind of motion within the observed scene. A separate monitor delivered panning camera image being installed here at the booth. Anyone can test the Orange box being an alarm communication means often seen on the most busy streets and squares of the Central Administrative District of Moscow City.

Specialists of Planir Holding company gave comprehensive answers to all the visitors' questions. As they have noted, the most common questions were about efficiency of the system and its practical impact on communal services and law enforcement structures operation. Many people asked whether the system has been deployed in their own homes and streets. Other districts' inhabitants wanted the system to come to their places as soon as possible. The whole booth was quite vivid and active during the exhibition workdays.

15 years is not too much time in terms of history but a nice checkpoint to find out what was right and what was wrong, and how to manage things in the future. SafeCity(TM) helps to see the brighter future in a true safe city of Moscow, and most probably not only Russian capital will benefit out of such an advanced system of public safety.