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Arecont and TRENDnet network IP cameras integration


Arecont and TRENDnet network IP cameras integrationA welcome addition to the list of integrated hardware for Axxon (former ITV) security systems has been made with the introduction of full support of Arecont and TRENDnet network IP cameras. Since now, Axxon (former ITV) systems became even more flexible due to broadening integrated equipment specter to fit the customers' needs and wishes.

High resolution digital network IP cameras are designed to be used in a variety of applications including production, business, mass transportation, office management and leisure industry. By means of remote viewing, it is possible to keep control over your site from anywhere via the Internet.

Arecont Vision company produces hi-resolution (1.3 … 8 MPix) network IP cameras along with night vision IP cameras and accessories. The following IP cameras from Arecont Vision are fully integrated into Axxon (former ITV) system since the present moment:

IP camera model

Image resolution (pixels)













Arecont Vision network IP cameras are capable of delivering high resolution video streams in real time having high frame rates being HDTV format compatible parameters. Arecont Vision IP cameras resolution exceeds top analog CCTV models 4 times (1280 Х 1024) and more. Being based on Arecont Vision patented MegaVideoT "massively-parallel" technology, IP cameras have massively extended functionality in comparison with analog models. The entire cameras line from Arecont Vision has live and recorded footage remote viewing option (e.g. via the Internet) as standard.

Arecont and TRENDnet network IP cameras integrationTRENDnet company being a worldwide market player specializes on newest and affordable network surveillance solutions for larger companies, small businesses and home use. TRENDnet products are focused on high level of standardization thus being intended for active companies concerned about efficient investment in technology products.

A newly integrated into Axxon (former ITV) product line, TV-IP201 network IP camera from TRENDnet is an ideal solution for remote monitoring and real time Internet video streaming. TV-IP201 delivers both audio and video being controlled via an ordinary web browser using either the Internet or any corporate LAN. The camera captures M-JPEG streams being capable of sending notifications via email containing still images of monitored scene.

All the newly integrated IP cameras from Arecont Vision and TRENDnet are fully tested and certified for use with Axxon (former ITV) products. Technical details and installer information will be included into Axxon (former ITV) training programs.