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Axxon Enterprise will support JavaScript


Axxon Enterprise will support JavaScript

Axxon (former ITV) company accomplished the development of JavaScript support module for Intellect integrated security system. At the moment, the module entered the testing phase. It will be included into a newest release of Intellect integrated security system software allowing popular programming language to be used for customizing the system according to actual needs and requirements.

Intellect system provides programmable response to certain types of events. In earlier software versions, only built-in scripting language could be applied for this purpose. A new Java-to-Intellect plug-in has been created by Axxon (former ITV) developers to establish effective application of JavaScript for creating system instruction sets. JavaScript is a powerful tool for creating programs of any level of complexity.

The new module features:

  • a text editor to use the whole variety of JavaScript syntax;
  • a single module script execution to increase the overall system reliability;
  • displaying of general information on number of used streams and actual messages;
  • displaying comprehensive system logs in a debug window containing total processing time;
  • color highlighting of debug window contents according to user defined rules;
  • fully functional text search (full/part, case sensitivity on/off, up/down);
  • debug window event filtering (selected on/selected off);
  • script syntax highlighting during text entering/editing;
  • saving scripts into Intellect system database;
  • script import/export from text documents;
  • using any OS listed debugger for script launching.

A Windows built-in engine (IE 5.5 and higher) is applied as an operating environment. Using a widespread well supported and updated Microsoft product gives Intellect programming extra development potential. For an experienced JavaScript programmer, only several special functions of Intellect system modules management have to become familiar to master the whole potential of this powerful security system.