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Axxon Professional, the Best Innovative Solution in Security Technology


Axxon Professional, the Best Innovative Solution in Security Technology

Within the frame of Security Technologies – 2007 International Forum being held from 06.02 to 09.02 in Krokus Expo (Moscow), Best Innovative Solution in Security Technology – 2007 contest took its place. Axxon Professional, an intelligent video surveillance system from Axxon (former ITV) company, had become a laureate being awarded with 1st grade medal in Video Surveillance and CCTV Systems nomination.

Market News, a special booth at the exhibition space of Security Technologies – 2007 forum has been devoted to the most recent technological solutions just entering the market; Axxon Professional has been present there, too – linking interested visitors to the vendor's booth for detailed product information. It was a kind of pre-presentation for security professionals, and it worked well: most of the people that came to the official Axxon Professional presentation in Kosmos hotel(Moscow, Russia) were already acquainted to both the new system and the innovative technologies implemented into this no less than revolutionary product.

Security Technologies International Forum is an annual meeting of top class security professionals to discuss the latest security technology issues. One of the forum's priorities is to mark the best solutions within the Best Innovative Solution in Security Technology program running for unveiling and promoting top recently developed products and projects, for speading new ideas and approaches, and for attracting wider customer audience to newest high quality and highly competitive products.

The 12th Security Technologies International Forum contest programme is a direct reflection of exhibition structure; the following nominations were announced:

  • Intregrated security systems;
  • Screening and remote inspection means;
  • Notification and communication systems;
  • Video surveillance and CCTV systems;
  • Access control and management systems;
  • Data protection systems and means;
  • Fire/burglary alarm systems;
  • Vital activities protection and emergency medicine;
  • Control, management and diagnostics means;
  • Educational systems.

Axxon Professional intelligent video surveillance system has been presented in Video Surveillance and CCTV Systems nomination. By the expert opinion of top security specialists, members of highly representative jury, Axxon Professional system is an embodied breakthrough in CCTV being easily integratable into virtually any infrastructural environment. The main advantage of the system is its high efficiency in operative video control and evidence search and retrieval. Axxon Professional is highly productive in incident footage search reducing dramatically human operators' workload. The audience paid special interest to several Axxon Professional system components such as FrameMerge smart panning technology, MomentQuest context search engine, DataSynchro innovative file system, intelligent video detectors set and Motion Wavelet progressive video compression algorithm.