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Axxon (former ITV) at the World’s Largest HANNOVER MESSE 2007 Industrial Innovative Exhibition


Axxon (former ITV) at the World’s Largest HANNOVER MESSE 2007 Industrial Innovative Exhibition

For the third year running Axxon (former ITV) took part in the world’s largest industrial fair HANNOVER MESSE which was held April 16-20 in Germany. The company presented innovative video surveillance system Video IQ7 and facial recognition system Face Axxon Enterprise at the highly prestigious forum.

Once again Hannover fair (HANNOVER MESSE) successfully confirmed its reputation of a leading world trade forum for technologies. Hannover industrial fair exceeded expectations of both the participants and visitors in terms of the number of participants, advanced products and processes, proving its status of the key innovative forum on the global market. During five days of the exhibition over 230 thousands visitors saw the expositions of 6,400 companies representing 68 countries from all over the world. The exhibition traditionally presents achievements in the fields of automation, management, control, engineering and instrumentation, air and space technologies.

Axxon (former ITV) participated in HANNOVER MESSE 2007 within the framework of Exhibition-Service Centre project. Direct offer to take part was received from “Technopark-Zelenograd” which is a project established by the Moscow Government to support knowledge-intensive businesses.

At the Hannover fair Axxon (former ITV) demonstrated its latest high-tech developments. Though HANNOVER MESSE is not a core event, Video IQ7 video surveillance system and Face Axxon Enterprise facial recognition system were welcome at the exhibition and were popular among the visitors. The companies which are interested in promotion of Russian technologies on the foreign market, in Germany in particular, paid much attention to them. Domestic majors such as Rosaviakosmos and Rosoboronaexport took interest in Axxon (former ITV) technologies.

Axxon (former ITV) established new international contacts at the Hannover fair. Due to heavy program of subject forums, congresses and specialized presentations the exhibition provides an ideal platform for information sharing. Leading world industry experts appreciated capabilities and scientific and technical potential of Russia. Axxon (former ITV), in its turn, is going to continue its participation in HANNOVER MESSE and to present SCADA Axxon Enterprise automated system along with other inventions the next year.