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Aliona Geckler is the newly appointed COO of Axxon (former ITV)


Aliona Geckler is the newly appointed COO of Axxon (former ITV)

Axxon (former ITV) has designated its long-range development strategy. One of the declared aims is the global market penetration and becoming one of the leaders in the respective segment. In this connection the Axxon (former ITV) Directors Committee has invited Aliona Geckler as a new Chief Operating Officer responsible for sales, marketing and services. She will be also in charge of several divisions including Sales Department, Technical Support Department, Sales and Information Department and Training Department.

During her first year Aliona Geckler will aim at a more thorough coordination of the subdivisions engaged in marketing, sales and services as well as arrangement of work in accordance with international standards, comprehensive support primarily for the Russian partners, as well as preparation for the company's international expansion.

Aliona Geckler said: "I hope the projects implemented by me will result in more high-quality services on all levels of our cooperation with Russian partners. Our amplified "marketing machine", our business model created by and for high professionals, our methods of business support and technical assistance will help our partners in promoting the Axxon (former ITV) products and decisions. My chief guidelines are team work, openness, result-oriented activities. My experience shows that only coordinated work of the whole team can guarantee the best result. All our mutual efforts and a single task of every individual colleague should be aimed at the achievement of our corporate goals".

Axxon (former ITV) President and Development Director Murat Altuev says: "Appointment of Aliona Geckler as the Chief Operating Officer is a significant event for the whole company. The top management corps has gained one more high-level professional with experience of work in global corporation. In earlier years Aliona was at the head of both marketing and support subdivisions. It means that Aliona has fully mastered every aspect of complicated software business. She appreciates the value of responsibility and understands how important it is to redeem a promise in full measure. We are sure that with her knowledge and expertise we will be able to consolidate the stable basis for supporting our partners' businesses both in Russia and elsewhere. The Axxon (former ITV) team consists of incredibly purposeful persons. Accomplishing the new goals under Aliona Geckler's guidance is a matter of time".

Aliona Geckler was the Vice-President for Global Marketing of the Columbus IT, an international consulting company. She has been responsible for the marketing strategy and realization of international marketing projects in 28 representative offices. Before that Aliona worked for the Microsoft corporation and headed the Partners' Support Department (Eastern Europe), she was responsible for construction of the correct system and support procedures, for cooperation of the departments of sales and services as well as for the great efforts aiming at the partners' loyalty. Aliona worked in close connection with our partners in Eastern Europe in order to find quick solutions for the most complicated incidents and development of the most effective model for Microsoft's cooperation with clients and partners. The former COO Aleksander Gorbanev will occupy the position of Deputy General Director of Axxon (former ITV).