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Installation: High-rise Building, Downtown - San Francisco


Installation: High-rise Building, Downtown - San FranciscoThis fall a high-rise downtown San Francisco building was equipped with a new system developed by Axxon (former ITV). This 26-story building, located in the heart of the city's Financial District, accommodates several important government agencies, law firms and investment companies, and security has a high priority for its residents. The installation was performed by Snow Owl , Inc. a long time Axxon (former ITV) partner and provider of integrated video solutions.

The building was faced with a problem of an outdated analog CCTV system that no longer provided the sufficient coverage or image quality of video recording. The system was originally used by security personnel to monitor loading docks, fire exits and parking lot activity. However VCR-based recording made it very troublesome to review the recorded footage and was rarely effective in investigations.

After a thorough survey, Video7 by Axxon (former ITV) was chosen to upgrade the legacy equipment and bring the security system up to date. Two Video7 servers and a total of 9 high resolution cameras were installed as a part of the project. Not only did Video7 replace the old equipment, it extended the use of cameras to other users beyond security guards. Video7 was integrated into existing facility local area network to allow other staff teams like building engineers and property managers to use video on a daily basis to monitor vendors, guests and manage potential liability and civil law suit risks. The system's network features changed the way the building's surveillance system is used.

The building's administrators were highly pleased and satisfied with the quality of the new system and the powerful features it offers. They have especially noted that the following three factors played a vital role in selecting Video7:

  • Ease-of Use - intuitive user interface makes it easy for all levels of users to interact with the system and find the information they need.
  • Long-term Scalability - built-in flexibility will allow the building to add more cameras, expand storage capacity and connect other equipment in the future.
  • Image Quality - significant improvements of video quality and compression allow the users to save more video for longer periods of time.

The success of this installation has already triggered a plan to expand the system's coverage to include lobby and exterior areas of the building as well as integrate the video system with Access Control to automate the entry/exit procedures at certain times of the day with Axxon (former ITV) technology.