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Installation: Security system at “Dafi” trade and entertaining complex


Security system at “Dafi” trade and entertaining complex in DnepropetrovskA new security system based on an Axxon (former ITV) product was installed and set into operation at “Dafi” trade and entertaining complex in Dnepropetrovsk , Russia . The installation was performed by Installer, an Axxon (former ITV) partner.

This two-story building, with a total area of 20 thousand square meters, accommodates shops, bank braches, cafes, restaurants, Internet-café, a casino, cinema, and others. For security purposes, the building decided to install the security system at the complex. After a thorough inspection of offers, Axxon Enterprise by Axxon (former ITV) was chosen for this installation.

Cameras installed at the “Dafi” complex secure the building's perimeter, entrances and exits, parking lot, corridors and aisles between shops, restaurant, as well as some of its offices and shops. 48 cameras were installed at the object, 20 of them provide exterior area control. For easy monitoring, a number of remote workplaces were set up: for the director, security service manager, and “Dafi” administration personnel. Owners of some of the shops and offices who desired to join the local monitoring systems with the whole security system of the complex also have access to the archive of the events taking place at the secured territories.

The major aim of the installed security system is to improve the level of visitor and personnel protection. Prevention of theft, public nuisance, and quick reaction in case of emergency situations, are also the foreground tasks of the security complex.

For more effective security operation, alarm buttons and alarm signaling were installed at the building and integrated with the “Axxon Enterprise” system. The alarm network covers more than 90 zones (shops, offices, halls, and corridors).

The system installed at the ‘Dafi” complex quickly displayed its effectiveness. During the first weeks of its operation, a number of incidents were investigated. All culprits were found by means of reviewing the video archive. Once, a young girl met a youth at the café, who had stolen her bag, mobile phone and fur coat when she was away at the ladies room. Police were able to see the recordings from the video archive and recognized the criminals face. One more case took place at the building car parking lot, when a car passing through the lot missed a turn and crashed into another car parked there. Again, the culprit escaped from the scene, but his car license plate numbers were recorded by the camera and the criminal was later recognized by security service.

The center's administration is completely satisfied by the installed security system and has absolutely no regret for their decision. They intend to expand the system in the future to include more objects and territories.