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Installation: “Panorama” furniture hypermarket


One of the largest Siberian furniture “Panorama”, located in KemerovoOne of the largest Siberian furniture “Panorama”, located in Kemerovo, was equipped with a new surveillance system based on Video7 by Axxon (former ITV), and was installed by Axxon (former ITV) partner, Kemservice.

Trade areas of the furniture market are designed in galleries. It is accommodated at the two-story building with total area of 25,800 sqm., and includes a warehouse, as well as administration facilities, garages, loading and unloading services, and a car parking lot. Maintenance staff counts about 400 people.

The customer wanted the new security system to provide:

  • Monitoring and event registration at five POS terminals,
  • Recording of video to hard drive and immediate access to backup records,
  • High-quality video image and comfortable operator interface,
  • Minimal frame rate of 6 fps when full resolution,
  • Human face recognition ability,
  • Round-the-clock operation,
  • Audible alarm notification, and
  • Storage of the backup records not less than 14 days.

The project was performed by two stages. The first stage of the installation process was from August to October of 2005. It included the installation of two Video7 systems, each of that has capacity of 24 channels. Frame rate is 6 fps. 39 channels were realized during the first stage.

The security system includes:

  • 2 servers,
  • 16 pcs. of Mintron black and white high-resolution cameras,
  • 3 pcs. of color high-resolution cameras by Mintron,
  • 13 pcs. of indoor black and white standard resolution cameras by Mintron, and
  • 4 pcs. of outdoor black and white standard resolution cameras AVC-211.

The operator provides 24 hours a day monitoring of the object at two 19 inch LCD panels.

The second part of the installation process is planned to be completed in the near future. At its completion there will be a total of 57 channels.

The car parking lot monitoring gave positive results already. With the help of the security system there was an investigation on an incident when a driver escaped from the scene of the crime, after having damaged the bumper of the car next to it. The security service officer was able to view backup records and identify the type and color of the car and its license plates immediately. The Culprit was caught later that same day.

One of the largest Siberian furniture "Panorama", located in Kemerovo"Video 7" at the "Panorama" furniture market