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Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Manufacturing plant deploys Axxon Enterprise


Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Manufacturing plant deploys Axxon Enterprise

Is it all right to place plywood and furniture manufacturing plant near the bank of a river? Many would say “yes” and will be glad for administration of Plywood and Furniture Manufacturing plant of Cherepovets to choose such a strategic location.

First of all it is beautiful to look at from the opposite side of the river. And, secondly, there is no need to put up a fence from at the riverside. It was so in Cherepovets plant. Every spring, summer and autumn from year to year river protected plant property from the thefts, but as winter came and river was coated with ice, things changed completely. Two thirds of plant employees started to steal almost everything.

EFA experts, Axxon (former ITV) long term partner in region, were informed about that situation and recommended to implement solution that helped to strengthen discipline and prevent further thefts from the factory. The heart of that solution was to upgrade existing outdated surveillance system that no longer provided sufficient security level and to replace it to Axxon Enterprise software and hardware platform. According EFA specialists “While possibility to set reactions to any specific events by means of Macros and Scripts is highly valued in megapolises, small regional cities highly value intuitive user interface, that makes it easy to manage the system for all levels of users”. That is why EFA recommend Axxon Enterprise for the tasks.

EFA specialists installed 26 cameras in various locations around the plant. 4 PTZ high performance cameras with 22x optical zoom were installed at towers 20 – 25 meters high enabling security personnel to identify each person being in the camera field of vision. Radius of those cameras view is about 600 meters.

New system has put under 24/7 control not only the riverside of the plant, but the entire building perimeter. Being armed with the Axxon Enterprise security complex and portable two-way radios security personnel got down to guarding plant territories and property at new security level. According management group implemented security complex reduced thefts to approximately 60% during the first 3 months of its operation, and 20% more during the next 6 months.

By deploying Axxon Enterprise plant management was able to change discipline completely and noticed a marked decrease in outflow of plan property. Axxon Enterprise has become a powerful security tool and it definitely had a positive impact on the plant operation.

By this installation Cherepovets Plywood and Furniture Manufacturing plant jointed other manufacturing enterprises of Cherepovets implementing similar security complex to prevent losses caused by fraudulent activity of employees and strengthen the labour discipline. This list of enterprises includes Cherepovets Foundry and Mechanical plant, Match Producing mill, Severstal-Emal and others.