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“Axxon Enterprise" Video Surveillance System on the Kazan City Anniversary


August 2005 was marked by one of the greatest events of a new epoch: Kazan city was founded 1000 years ago. Within the preparation for the city's anniversary a lot of actions were performed, both in a building complex and in a welfare sphere. The first subway line was launched, and the Ice Palace was open. The monuments of architecture were reconstructed.

The Komis company, which is Axxon (former ITV) partner in Kazan , took part in the city's anniversary preparations. The company equipped the Hippodrome, the Ice Palace , and the Fair-place with video surveillance security systems.

The ministers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Tatarstan and Russia regarded the quality of installed security system and executed design as a must-have. Installed video surveillance security systems will allow custodial services to exercise the visual control of any event at any time, and to perform the video registration of the guarded area. During the show of the legendary rock band, Scorpions, there was the unique opportunity to evaluate the video surveillance system. The Director of Development at Komis Company, Mark Resuansky's, said every part of the installed system worked perfectly.

The security system which was installed at the Fair-Place included 20 cameras that were earlier installed on different objects, such as “Piramida”, “Mirag”, and “Dvorets Sporta”. Four of those cameras used the twisted-pair cable connection, and other ones were connected via optical fiber. There were four new “Pelco” speed-dome cameras connected to the system via optical fiber. The camera's control can be performed using PC or PTZ control panels. The central video surveillance post consists of 2 video servers with 4 analog and 4 computer monitors. 8 cameras that connected to the system had 25 fps frame rate, the others had 12 fps.

There are 29 cameras in The Ice Palace that has an estimated capacity of ten thousand spectators. The video survey performed with 4-speed-dome cameras. During system's installation the Pelco and JVC hardware were used with the “Axxon Enterprise” hardware-software complex. The central guarding post is located in the staff of militia. The data from cameras displays on 4 monitors with 8fps frame rate.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ice Palace management were satisfied with the quality of the received video. The video surveillance system and its functionalities inside these buildings will soon be expanded.

“Axxon Enterprise’ Video Surveillance System on the Kazan City Anniversary

The international horse-racing complex (Hippodrome) is equipped with the “Axxon Enterprise” integrated security system. There are the “Apollo” access control system with 80 readers, fire and intrusion protection system on three “Rubeg- 08” panels (more than 1000 fire and intrusion protection detectors) and video surveillance system with 64 cameras.

The Kazan Hippodrome was recently opened, and it can be compared to the best horse-racing complexes in the Incorporated Arab Emirates, France , USA , England and Hong Kong .

The unique complex located on the area of 90 hectares.