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WaveHub operating at the Glubokaya station of the East-Siberian artery road


New surveillance system based on the WaveHub hardware network video server was installed at the “Glubokaya” station of the East-Siberian artery road. All the installation works were performed by Axxon (former ITV) partner - Profis.

Crossing of railway and traffic roads at the Glubokaya station of the Irkutsk-Krasnoyarsk federal artery is one of the most problematic at the road. Station located in the cleft between two mountains makes driving at this passage even harder. Quantity of railway and car transport passing trough growing continuously, thus increasing number of violations here. For instance, according to official data more than 6 traffic accidents were fixed here on conditions by June 20, 2005.

Taking to the account such problem conditions administration of railway has performed a number of actions in order to reduce quantity of violations and traffic accidents at the road. Installation of the surveillance system at the railway and traffic crossing was one of the undertaken measures. System aimed to help reduce number of traffic accidents, completely eliminate risks of trains and cars collision. Two color and two black-and-white high resolution cameras installed here provide day and night surveillance and car license recognition. Each driver who makes attempt to pass crossing under the restrictive signal risks to be fixed by camera and to be caught by police afterwards. Information from cameras is transferred directly to railway control point. Besides, due to the railway connection channels information passes to the police points.

“Digital surveillance system record and store at hard drive all events taking place at the crossroads for one month term”, –Mikhail Belyaev noted, “Profis” manager of expert bureau.