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Pure Materials store employ video surveillance and point-of-sale transactions video control system


Pure Materials store employ video surveillance and point-of-sale transactions video control system

SVS-Proekt has equipped Pure Materials store with video surveillance and point-of-sale transaction video control system by Axxon (former ITV) to protect its business.

Pure materials stores are located in Chernogolovka and Electrostal (towns near Moscow ). Those shops offer a variety of building, repairing and finishing materials as well as consumer goods.

Store located in Chernogolovka was equipped with the Intellect complex by Axxon (former ITV) in May 2005. System proved itself as a reliable one that triggered a plan to equip second store of the Pure Materials family in Elektrostal town with the same security system at the stage of building.

All installation and adjustment works were finished before the shop opening. All necessary video surveillance and point-of-sale (POS) transaction video control equipment was installed in the term of preparation trading areas for the operation. POS-Intellect was integrated with the cash registers sowtware, supplied by Business Consulting Group Inc.

16 high resolution Panasonic cameras were located at strategic points of the shop ensuring its security. Five of them are pointed at cash register' zones ensuring video control over point-of-sales transactions. Other cameras cover entrances and exits areas, building perimeter, loading/unloading zone and trade halls.

According Alim Sizov, Director of SVS-Proekt, viewpoint installed cameras are not enough to provide full coverage of 3000 sqm. area. But because the customer planed small enough financial resources on creation of security system, total quantity of cameras will be increased up to 24 only.

The key difficulty of the installation was lack of the ceilings at the shop location. Building has a really high roof making it practically impossible to hold cameras on the brackets. That made installers to establish special chromium-plated constructions to fasten all surveillance equipment on it.

A separate remote monitoring workplace was established specially for the shop goods manager. Goods personnel and cashiers constantly check goods arrival and sales and often need analysis of situations related to payment of sold products at the POS terminals.

Shop administration was completely satisfied with the installed solution. They add that Intellect provide benefit of instant access to recordings: the ability to intergate video with point-of-sale transaction data allow to quickly and easily conduct searches of archived video based on selected time, date or camera. It is a powerful weapon to reducing inventory shrinkage.