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Star Cinema multiplex presents: Highest safety viewing


Star Cinema multiplex presents: Highest safety viewing

After series of successfull tests, Center-ST (VIDEOGLAZ) company had just launched a brand new security system for the Star Cinema multiplex movie theater in Almaty, Kazakhstan. The system has been built around the leading product from Axxon (former ITV) Company, Intellect(TM) integrated security complex.

The task formlated by Star Cinema multiplex movie theater network board being the customer was to equip the multiplex with a video surveillance system along with a POS control system being integrated into one network. The installer company have chosen Intellect(TM) system to become a platform for fulfilling the customer's tasks and requirements.

Star Cinema multiplex presents: Highest safety viewingThe integrated security system deployed at Star Cinema multiplex consists of one remote workplace, three POS-Intellect(TM) modules, R-keeper integrated module and a video surveillance system of 23 high resolution CCTV cameras. 20 cameras are monochrome and 3 are color applied for POS-Intellect(TM) modules. Each channel has frame rate of 8 fps.

A new Star Cinema 4-screen multiplex movie theater is a first of the Russian network in Kazakhstan being built according to world industry standards for highest class movie theaters. The company has plans to build a network of more then 25 screens across the whole country in the near future.

The main device of Star Cinema company is to make a holiday out of each spectator's visit. Not only movies can be viewed here. Bar, cafe, supermarket, Internet cafe – so providing safety for visitors becomes extremely important to maintain the movie theater's level. Intellect(TM) makes the image of the place stronger making it truly modern, high-tech and secure - but even more, flexibility and scalability of the system provides the customer with an option of permanent growth and widening spectre of security tasks being solved.