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“Axxon Enterprise” Digital video surveillance system in the biggest refrigerator in Europe!


WAF Estructuras Digitales, an Axxon (former ITV) partner, finished installing a digital video surveillance system based on the “Axxon Enterprise” solution at one of the biggest factories of frozen semi-finished items in Spain - the Ultracongelados Virto S.A. factory. The factory occupies sixty thousands square meters, and the production of semi-finished fruits and vegetables occurs in several shops. The administration was dissatisfied with the old analog video surveillance system and decided to change it to a digital one.

One of the major requirements of the customer was to have visual control over the production process and personnel activity from any part of the world and at any time. They also needed to arrange video recording of all the entrances and exits on day-offs.

The following problems were solved by means of the “Axxon Enterprise” system:

  • Perimeter and building's entrances and exits protection,
  • Remote monitoring was arranged for 1 administrator and 6 operators,
  • Distributed access for system operators, a d
  • A lot of camera functions were programmed into the system in order to react to events taking place in the system at particular time periods.

The digital video surveillance system hardware installed at the Ultracongelados Virto S.A factory

For the solution of security tasks put by Ultracongelados Virto S.A administration, 32 cameras were enabled at the new security system based on Axxon Enterprise solution: 5 cameras for perimeter protection and 27 cameras for surveillance of the operating process and working time. During the installation 17 rotary “SpeedDome Optima” cameras of manufacture of American Dynamics were installed at the objects and integrated into the Axxon Enterprise system, which gave functionality to all of the cameras.

The SpeedDome Optima cameras were connected via RS-485 interface and integrated to the Axxon Enterprise system with the Sensormatic open protocol. By means of the integrated 16X 4-64 zoom lens and high sensitivity, each color SpeedDome Optima camera may control the essential object's area. That camera also has one alarm input and one additional output, and a lot of other functions. Wide abilities of the “Axxon Enterprise” program complex allowed it to integrate into various equipment from different manufactures, and realized all of the customer wishes completely.

Customer opinion about the digital video surveillance system based on the “Axxon Enterprise” solution:

Carlos Sobejano Marcilla, the technical director of researches and development department at the Ultracongelados Virto S.A. factoryJose Antonio Baldero Ovejas, the technical director of researches and development department at the Ultracongelados Virto S.A. factory, gave the following comments on the reason they chose the “Axxon Enterprise” system: “Wide features, planning flexibility, and efficient technical support of the Axxon (former ITV) company became a determinative factor to choose the Axxon Enterprise solution”.

In Carlos Sobejano Marcilla opinion, the integrated security systems project engineer of the WAF Estructuras Digitales, this is one of the first installations of the digital video surveillance system based on the “Axxon Enterprise” system at such a big object.

The first stage of the installation included installing the “Axxon Enterprise” server with 24 channels, one remote administrator and one remote workplace for security needs. The express courses for configuring and programming the Axxon Enterprise system were taken by the system's administrator. Security staff took a course on how to work with remote operator workplaces. During the first month, the administrator of the system and security staff learned to independently solve all current tasks connected to programming, configuring, access control, etc.

There were 2 system updates since the installation time (Feb 2005 – Jun 2005). Today there are 32 cameras, one remote administrator and 6 remote operator workplaces. Integrating the equipment to the perimeter is the next stage to upgrade the system.

Vyacheslav Bratischev, the Axxon (former ITV) expertAs Axxon (former ITV) expert, Vyacheslav Bratischev, says the SpeedDome Optima video cameras installed in the factory has many expanded functions which provide new abilities of telemetry control, such as: the extended settings of the user's interface, more agronomical control, etc. The Axxon (former ITV) research department required less than one hour to activate those abilities. And this was the only problem WAF Estructuras Digitales staff asked for help from Axxon (former ITV) specialists during the installation at the Ultracongelados Virto S. A. factory.

Ultracongelados Virto S. A. factory administration expressed their satisfaction on installation and system operation in a report about the Axxon Enterprise security complex. Factory administration also noted the fact that the Axxon Enterprise system allows users to expand the surveillance system's abilities, integrate new equipment and provide stable system operation.