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Yekaterinburg metro was equipped with the new monitoring system based on the Axxon Enterprise integrated security system


The Yekaterinburg Metropolitan Department has installed the monitoring system at “1905 Square” station this last autumn. The new monitoring system is based on the Axxon Enterprise integrated security system.
Axxon (former ITV) partner, Sitikom Ltd, has installed the system at Yekaterinburg metro stations. By using the Axxon Enterprise security system, the Subway Department is able to control the stations area from a sole center.

“1905 Square” is the third metro station where the Axxon Enterprise surveillance system is currently installed and being used. At the end of 2004, the first monitoring system based on Axxon Enterprise technology was installed at “Dynamo” metro station. The system improved frame rate and image clarity, providing high level, real-time video monitoring, which is extremely actual on account of large crowds drawn to the site from major sport centers and arenas. In the beginning of 2005, Sitikom Ltd installed the monitoring system at “Uralmash” station. This station also anchors mass transit and passengers.

Sitikom Ltd installed 16 cameras at “Dynamo”, 29 cameras at “Uralmash” and 24 cameras at “1905 Square” stations. Images coming from cameras are displayed on the operators' monitors and stored in video archives for 30 days.

The Metropolitan Department management is satisfied with the new surveillance system and gave favorable acknowledgements to Sitikom Ltd specialists. The Axxon Enterprise surveillance system helps operations flow more smoothly and enables first responders to react more quickly in emergency situations. City authorities plan to install Axxon Enterprise monitoring systems in the rest of the four stations in the city. All the systems will be jointed into a single complex and controlled by an operator at the Metropolitan Department.