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POS-Intellect at the 8th International Exhibition “PIR Hospitality Industry 2005”


POS-Intellect at the 8th International Exhibition “PIR Hospitality Industry 2005” In Moscow on October 26-29, 2005, the 8th International Exhibition "PIR Hospitality Industry" took place. Together with Center-ST, Ltd the Axxon (former ITV) presented its point-of-sales transactions video surveillance solution, POS-Intellect. This solution gives a new level of control and reduces external and internal thefts. POS-Intellect module synchronizes video images of the POS terminal zone with sales receipt data. This enables operators to compare images and data from the sales receipt. POS-Intellect module is currently successfully being used in the fast food, entertainment, and restaurant industries. In common with UCS, the largest automatization company in the restaurant industry, ST developed R-keeper module. This solution is a unique tool, which eliminates financial losses at POS terminals at restaurants, hotels, and other service companies concerned with unfair clients or employees. Integration of POS-Intellect and R-keeper modules is realized at a level of network data transfer. This means that data coming from the sales receipt is transmitted via POS internal network. The main feature of this system is that it transmits data not shown on the printed sales receipt to the video server. Having this information, operators can easily monitor all suspicious events, such as cancellations, returns, and deleted actions, and prevent all attempts of theft.