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Digital surveillance system at the Petersburg branch of the Altek Scientific and Industrial Group


One of the branches of the Altek scientific and industrial group has installed and put into the operation a new digital security system based on the Axxon Enterprise solution by Axxon (former ITV). A team of TIM specialists installed the new system. Altek group searched for a reliable replacement of their previous analogue system that would utilize all of the features of CCTV.

The new digital system includes 24 surveillance cameras pointed near the building entrances and exits, offices, industrial workshops, and adjacent territories. Some of the video channels were synchronized with audio, enabling not only visual control over a situation, but audio control as well.

The implementation of the “Axxon Enterprise” system has improved productivity of security services as well as the overall security-level of the object. The modern and flexible software ensured video and audio control over the expansive coverage territory. The well-engineered “Axxon Enterprise” interface makes operating the new security system easy and intuitive even for novice computer user.

As usual for Axxon (former ITV) products, Altek group has the opportunity to expand the system as required by the customer's needs, and can set-up new cameras and monitors, as well as update existing software.

The management of Altek is delighted with the “Axxon Enterprise” solution and is even thinking about installing the system in another branches.