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SafeCity Donetsk


Application of the “SafeCity” municipal program, which lies in equipping key urban objects with security systems, has begun in Donetsk . The wide-scale video control network ensures extraordinary security measures at public places and strengthens the informational base of law enforcement services and other empowered authorities.

The project is being realized on Axxon (former ITV) Axxon Enterprise technological platform. Designing, installation, and technical support for the “SafeCity” project in Donetsk are being provided by Advanced Computer Systems, Ltd.

Donetsk 's city mayor, Lukaynchenko Alexander Alekseevich, initiated the “SafeCity” program. He highly valued the features and perspectives of the Axxon Enterprise software when considering the execution of the “SafeCity” project.

The central square of the town has been equipped with the security system. A total of 8 high-resolution color cameras and one pan-and-tilt SpeedDoom camera are pointed there. Information from the installed cameras flow to the following remote workplaces:

  • The Department of the Interior of Donetsk,
  • The Regional Department of the Interior of Donetsk , and
  • Two workplaces located at the regional administration.

The installation of 16 cameras at the central squares of Donetsk is currently underway. The connection between video servers has been realized via fiber-optic cables. The city law enforcement authorities have upheld the application of the “SafeCity” project. Head of the Regional Department of Interior noted that it is planning to expand the system in the future by not only installing cameras in the city's central squares, but in its railway stations, educational centers, and other areas.

The SafeCity project has attracted the interest of the Department of the Interior of Mariupol, and it is planned to install a wide security system at many public places there, as well.

Further perspectives of the project lie in uniting video information received from different towns of the Ukraine with the opportunity to transfer video to regional administrations. That will give the administration of the Regional Department of the Interior a chance to control events and immediately react to emergency situations.

It is important to note that this was the first security system of such scale realized in the Ukraine . There is not an existing analogue to the “SafeCity” project in the country. Creating the system was possible only thanks to the Axxon Enterprise security complex, which can solve security tasks of any complexity.