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Security Department of Murmansk choose Axxon Enterprise


Security Department of Murmansk choose Axxon EnterpriseAxxon (former ITV) partner UNIVERSAL finished the installation of Axxon Enterprise video surveillance system at new building of Security Department of Murmansk. Dissatisfied with the clear limitations of traditional analog video surveillance systems, the administration decided to replace it with new digital and innovative surveillance system which could help to solve a lot of existing problems.

In December of 2004 the “UNIVERSAL Center of high-tech technologies” has won tender with the Axxon Enterprise solution, and in March of 2005 year they began installation and putting into operation of the system. In the beginning there were 16 cameras, one videoserver and remote operator place installed.

Administration of Security Department highly valued benefits of the new digital video surveillance system and 6 months later they decided to widen system up to 32 channels with the simultaneous enhancing of the information processing speed. There are 32 cameras installed across the perimeter of the building, in halls and corridors, car parking places and all entrances streaming a real-time video surveillance.

Videoserver, which receive all the data from cameras, is placed in a separate room with limited access. Audible alert upon motion detector triggered is enabled in the night period.

Since Security Department installed the system they got opportunity to control activity of department officers and visitors, monitor all movements inside the building and parking place, and enables responders to react more quickly in emergency situations. Administration mentioned improvement of discipline among the employees. Also were discovered some violation facts which were converted from the archive and recorded on DVD.

Operators noted that client-server architecture and modern flexible software is easy-to-use let them easy monitor activity within the building area. “You shouldn't be a technology specialist to work with the Axxon Enterprise system”.